Saturday, July 7, 2012

Introducing Teancum...

Teancum James Tai was born last week on the 28th of June at 10.28am. He weighed just under 4 kilos and since birth has been gaining weight rapidly!

So here we are on the big day. I'm just about to get the jab in the back. Although I was nervous about having a spinal, by this stage I was so excited to meet our little man as I knew the moment was only minutes away.

The anesthetist was awesome. I was afraid of the needle for nothing, it hardly hurt and worked really well. It didn't end up wearing off until that pain relief for longer, woohoo!
I can't say enough about the registrar who performed the Caesar. His name was Luke and he was a little aprehensive going into the operation as I think I was his first '5th caesar woman.' He told me he was going to take things slowly to make sure everything was done properly. The whole operation took an hour and 20 minutes. A lot longer than my previous caesars which have only been between 30-40 mins. I was so happy with him as I recovered quickly and was up on my feet ready to go home the next day. I really enjoyed the whole experience. The hospital staff were so lovely. It was a very different experience from the ones I've had in Melbourne. I love how even the Tassie doctors are not in a hurry, it made me feel much more comfortable.

Here's our little man and his abrupt welcome into the world. I loved the sound of his cry which happened as they were pulling him out. I also loved how the doctors allowed Job to watch. It's the first time he's been able to see one of our children born. He took these photos...

                      This was my midwife Sally who cleaned him up and checked him over

                               It felt like ages before Job brought him over to me for a cuddle

I breathed on him, touched his face and he stopped crying

In recovery

I got back to my room around midday which gave me some precious time with bub. He had a feed and we had a cuddle. I was looking forward to the kids coming in, I knew they would have been hanging out all day to see their new brother. I love looking at their excited faces.

First cuddles...

We also had a visit from Joe during the day and Kym later that night. The Terrys dropped by for a visit the day after.

          One of the few times he was asleep in his bed, usually he was in my arms....cheeky boy.

It was nice to have one of my friends, Janelle, look after me on the morning I was discharged.

                            And here's a look at our new family just before leaving the hospital
                                        We even celebrated by getting new stickers for the car..

                                         Once we got home, Teancum had his first bath.

And then had a visit and a poke from the Rogers :)

Here are a few more of my favourite photos from the last few days. I'm not sure who took these ones of the boys. I look at this is and think "oh dear, this is what he'll grow into!" ;)

Benny loves to cuddle and kiss him non stop. We can always tell when Benny has been with him as Teancum will have a little mohawk on his head.

 One of my favourite baby things is the cute fuzz. I love to snuggle into his fluffy face.

                                I also love how as soon as he is undressed, he stretches out his legs

                                           My new three hourly and night.

                                       Definitley not a shortage on kisses and cuddles :)

                                                 Some bonding time with his cousin :)

He's even attended his first family movie night.

                                                    I could easily stare at him all day.
 He is so precious and we are so grateful that he has arrived here safely.