Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hard to write

I've been very aprehensive about this blog entry. I feel like I cant continue with the rest of our family blogs until I get this one out of the way. I've been trying to figure out how to skip it all together, but many of my future entries wont make any sense if I omit this one.

I think that most of my friends who are reading this will already know - and I'm sorry to those of you in Melbourne - or wherever else you may be who dont, but....Job and I have separated.

In writing about him leaving, I'm scared that the spirit of our family blog is being tainted. And that now there may be a huge hole in the fabric of our experiences. I don't know......I hope not. I hope to still be able to capture the special moments in our childrens lives. I still look forward to documenting pieces of their lives and our life together.

Although Job is not with us anymore, we still miss him and he misses us. We talk to him each day and are looking forward to him visiting us for Easter.

I haven't attached a photo this time as any picture I think of just makes me sad.

Thank you to dear friends who have made the last two weeks a little easier xx