Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wedding Photography.. sooooooo not my speciality!!!

It was so lovely to be involved in Sam and P.J's wedding. It was tonnes of fun spending the day with the family and experiencing the dynamics as they got themselves ready, went to the temple, rushed to the reception, strolled down the beach for photos and then finally said goodbye to eachother. Job really enjoyed it too, especially the reception. He gets emotional whenever he talks about it :)


Count me out for any future wedding photography. Although I really did have fun, I'm just nowhere near qualified to take these sort of photos. Now dont feel like you have to comment and tell me otherwise (Lisa) I know how my photos look, and I know what proper professional pictures look like. I am so relieved that this wasn't a job I was doing for some strangers or I would have felt immense pressure. The Honey family knew my insecurities but wanted me to take photos for them anyway. It really was a special weekend and I can completely understand why photographers enjoy shooting weddings. It really is an amazing experience, and one I will leave to them from now on ;) So if anyone ever asks me again to take photos - you know what the answer will be. I have been practicing my 'no' in front of the mirror - I am prepared!!

-Except for you Anita, you know I will take photos for you when you get married. You better not get anyone else! ;)

So, here's some of my favourite shots. I am trying my best to stop looking at all the mistakes. I never realised how may times I cut peoples feet out of photos - and sometimes, their arms!
-And don't even get me started on the ISO. Hahaha

Thank you Honey Family for the experience :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trick or treat!

Last Sunday, we had some cute little (and not so little) trick-or-treaters come knocking on our door. I woke up Job, haha just kidding, I think he was already awake this time. The kids ran to the door and then ran back inside saying "Mum, don't go out there, Sam is really scary!"

A little bit aprehensive of what we were going to see (and with Sisi tucked snuggly into Jobs neck) we came to the door. Not at all scary....just some very cute little witches.

                    Hang on, what's that ugly thing in the background??!! This photo cracks me up!

                                                 Now I know where Archie gets his hair from

                                                                    Double Trouble

                                                      Does this man look scary to you.... ??!

The only thing that frightened me, was when Kym took her mask off. 

                                                  One of the cutest witches going around

                                                         Joe's turn with the ugly mask

            Kym stealing Archies lollies. (If you wanted some lollies too Kymbo, you only had to ask)

                                                Cute Hanisi showing me her lolly bag

We got a kick of having them drop by. Afterward we wished we had have been better prepared so we could have joined them. We'll have to wait until next time :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Sunday afternoon as we drove home from church, Job and I watched the kids as they sat in the back, heads bobbing up and down as they drifted in and out of sleep. The only one truly asleep when we got home was this little princess..

Sometimes I am struck with how beautiful Sisi is. Yes I am biased I know, but I just love her dark locks and beautiful skin. She looks so sweet when she is asleep. I always fall in love with my kids when they are sleeping - it must be because its the only time that they are so well behaved :)

I love the quote by Joe Houldsworth - "The only thing worth strealing is a kiss from a sleeping child."

                               And dont think I didn't steal a few kisses from those beautiful Tongan lips