Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trick or treat!

Last Sunday, we had some cute little (and not so little) trick-or-treaters come knocking on our door. I woke up Job, haha just kidding, I think he was already awake this time. The kids ran to the door and then ran back inside saying "Mum, don't go out there, Sam is really scary!"

A little bit aprehensive of what we were going to see (and with Sisi tucked snuggly into Jobs neck) we came to the door. Not at all scary....just some very cute little witches.

                    Hang on, what's that ugly thing in the background??!! This photo cracks me up!

                                                 Now I know where Archie gets his hair from

                                                                    Double Trouble

                                                      Does this man look scary to you.... ??!

The only thing that frightened me, was when Kym took her mask off. 

                                                  One of the cutest witches going around

                                                         Joe's turn with the ugly mask

            Kym stealing Archies lollies. (If you wanted some lollies too Kymbo, you only had to ask)

                                                Cute Hanisi showing me her lolly bag

We got a kick of having them drop by. Afterward we wished we had have been better prepared so we could have joined them. We'll have to wait until next time :)


The Kings said...

oh sooooo fun!!! That's awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously funny.
Love Lrraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

they came our way too and you are right that mask of Kym's was scary...i got a fright ...loved the kids and Sam would have won a comp with his get up...lets all do it next year...we will join you!!!!