Saturday, May 9, 2015

In the moment

I have this little baby. He's a bit of a cutie.  In fact I call him my 'cutie patootie'

We like to hang out together. He likes to give me kisses.

He loves to play on the couch with me. I remember playing on the couch with all my babies.

I love his face and he loves mine. We play games where I talk in a funny voice and he laughs.  He knows my voice so well now that I can speak to him from across the room and his face lights up. I can't tell you how special it is to be the source of someone else's joy.

Today Job took the other kids out to the skate park so I was at home with my cutie patootie. We were playing on the couch again and I fell in love (again) with his little face. Each time I smiled at him, he laughed - one of those big belly laughs. I thought  about grabbing my phone so I could capture the moment.
 But if we left the couch and went to the kitchen to get my phone, would I loose the moment instead? Would he stop doing those gorgeous belly laughs if I held a camera to his face? Would he stop staring at me with that expression that says "I adore you?"
  I decided not to take the chance. I wasn't risking it. Some moments are too special to interrupt.

It's nice having lots of photos of the kids. I love photography and have probably taken more than my share of photos. But I love these moments even more, the ones I don't capture.
 As good as my photos may be, they never capture the moment as I know it. My picture wont show how cuddly my baby feels in my arms or how squishy his cheeks feel when I kiss them. They'll never show how wonderful he smells or how warm he is to touch. I doubt they'd even begin to display how fuzzy his cute little forehead feels when I rest my face against it. It would be impossible to hear his gorgeous baby sounds and hear the delight in his laugh. And I don't even think the best photographer could capture the depth of his beautiful brown eyes.
But I could.
And I did.
I don't have a photo to show you because in that moment I chose to be instead.

Tomorrow is one of my favourite days. It is Mothers Day. I wonder how many photos I won't be taking? :)