Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time with Tuz..

aka my sister 'Toni.'

While Kym and Joe are galavanting around America, Mum and Toni have graciously accepted the invitation to come and babysit for two and a half weeks. Bet they wake up every morning wondering what they got themselves into! Toni brough her own two kiddies with her, so they have 6 to look after. Things are never boring...
Today Tuz and I thought it would be nice to take the little ones out to the park. Toni decided we'd go to punchbowl as she had been there a couple of days before and found some stray kittens. She wanted us to go back and catch them. No, she's not loopy. She's a wildlife warrior, currently studying to be a ranger and wanted to help out both the kittens and the surrounding wildlife by picking them up and dropping them to the local ranger.
As soon as we pulled into the carpark, we were greeted by some hungry (and a little ferocious) ducks. Toni picked up Sammy before he got devoured - Sorry Parchie, you're on your own!

Toni gave Parchie a bit of bread to give to the ducks -but Parchie thought he'd feed himself instead...
And so the ducks found something else to munch on.
 This was Toni's face when I suggested she handfeed the ducks for the camera - "Are you crazy?!?"

                                           After a quick giggle, she plucked up the courage..

                               drop a piece of bread to the hungry beasts below
                            Snatched that hand back up fast as lightning! Funny that she was worried
                            about feeding the ducks but when it came to catching a wild cat, she had
                            no problems! (but that's jumping ahead..)

                                             We loved watching these cute little ducklings

           We told the kids to keep their hands up. Sisi was
            happy to sit on the swings and wait.

                                           Sammy had fun playing on some other kids bike

                                        I love this picture, it looks like they're telling secrets
                                      I couldn't resist playing around with a couple of these pics...


                               Then Toni decided to take on the feral black cat....the cat won - but only just. Toni hung onto it while it scratched, kicked, lashed out and bit, she finally let go, knowing that she'd probably never get the cat in the box since it was too wild. She's going to be one heck of a Ranger!
                                               After lunch it was time to roll down the hill

A few trips...
              And a big sneeze..haha, I know, gross! I had to include it as its the action shot of the day

 Love this one of Tuz and the kids....or is that Dad and the kids?...I can't tell!

Toni used some of her lovely Lidnt Easter Eggs she recieved the night before from (oh, that's right, I can't tell, Lisa doesn't know ;))...from the Easter Bunny- and hid them for the kids to find. Here she is telling them she spotted the Bunny hiding some eggs..

                                                        They had heaps of fun finding them..

                                                    One in each hand - that's my girl.

                                                       Toni helps Sammy find one

                                      Planning on photoshoping this one when I get a chance...

On the way back to the car I took some shots of Ashleigh. When I turned back around I saw that Toni had  chased Parchie up the hill. She has a sore foot, so she shuffled up there...while she chased Archer, Joe took off with the stroller

                                                           I was too busy giggling to help.
                                                                          hee hee hee..

Much like my sister, I love animals too - all creatures great and small (except for wasps) but this... is a funny looking duck!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Visit from the Police

When I told Benny that a friend of mine was coming to visit and that he was a policeman, Benny asked "A REAL policeman??!" When Simon pulled into the driveway half an hour later, Benny came running into the house like a mad man - "The Policeman is here!!" I knew my kids would love to meet my good friend Simon. Not because he's one of my best mates from Y.S.A  days but purely because he's a cop (Sorry Simon).
After a few minutes of catch up, Benny went straight in and started asking questions. Simon gave him his hand cuffs to play with. Unfortuntanately I didn't have the camera out until the end of his visit so I missed footage of Ben with the handcuffs. The kids loved them, taking turns putting them on eachother and leading one another around the house and yard. It got a little difficult to have a conversation toward the end once the kids discovered there were lots of cool things on Simons' belt.

Here he is showing the kids the capsicum spray - one of the two things they were not allowed to touch (the other one being the gun)  Didn't stop JJ from sneaking up from behind and grabbing it - luckily Simon noticed in time!

Not sure what this one's called ....a baton??

A quick photo with the kids before Simon heads back to work.. (Lani still facinated by the belt)

Time to go, bit tricky with Lani attached to his arm. Simon commented that it must look like he's dragging her out to his car. She didn't want him to go.

 The whole family including the dog said goodbye. Once Simon drove away, Benny turned to me and said "That was the best thing that has ever happened here in Tasmania!" I think he wishes he could take Simon to show and tell.

Thanks for the visit Simon, bet you didn't know you'd be such a hit! - And best wishes and love to Simone for the safe delivery of a brand new little bub in the next few days.