Monday, March 7, 2011

A Childs Prayer

Our little Lani is so precious when she says her prayers. After we say our family ones, she goes to her room and prays on her own. She'll also pray throughout the day if she needs to. Lately she has been looking after the flowers at the front of the house, this includes watering them, talking to them and sitting there keeping them company. After she spends time in the garden, she goes to her room and prays for her flowers. Job and I are always impressed with how heartfelt and sincere her prayers are. I took a note of her prayer tonight:

"Heavenly Father, thank you for this day.
Bless that we wont watch bad movies that we like, even just a little bit of it that mummy wont know.
Bless that we'll have a nice day at school and no problems will happen. .
Bless that nobody will be mean.
Bless the little boy that he wont throw rocks.
Bless nanas heart.
Bless my seat that it wont come off and we have to get a new one.
Bless Chelsea that she wont go to Alexander.
Bless Uncle and the Rogers.
Bless the people they wont get sick and old.
Bless scruffy.
Bless our family that we wont have problems and wont forget anything.
Bless Jesus, that he died on the cross for us and bless the Holy Ghost.
Bless JJ and Benny for their eczema.
Bless Mummy and Daddy and the poor people.
Bless that the family wont be allergic or get hurt.
Bless that we wont have bad dreams, only good dreams and bless that I'll believe in it.
In the name of Jesus Christ Amen."


The Kings said...

Don't you love little kids prayers! That pic is beautiful.

Nettie's Blog said...

just so simple but beautiful...dont you wish we could still be like that?????

The Tais said...

So sweet little Lani...

Toni said...

my gorgeous lil niece. Love it 'bless mummy and daddy and the poor people'..
What does she mean about Chelsea going to Alexander?

leetai said...

Hey Tuz :) There's boy at school who is a bit rough but the kids still like to play with him, Lani deosn't want Chelsea to get hurt.

Maria said...

making me cry again.........gorgeous Lani