Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Swimming Day!

JJ has been excited for the last week leading up to today. It was his first swimming carnival. The kids from grades 3-6 took the bus to the Cressy Pool this morning. He brought home a note a few days ago for me to fill out, stating whether he was competent to swim the full length of the pool and participate in the various strokes or not. I ticked the other option which was for him to participate in the novelty events. We have only just begun swimming lessons so I didn't want to take the chance that he'd only make it half way across. He should be right to swim the entire length in next years carnival. It was fun watching him and his friends. I was proud to see him trying his best and not being upset when he didn't finish in the top three. Good job Bub!

He did well once he faced the right direction :)

next event...

Its a bit hard too see him in this shot - he's the little brown head in the back.

                                              ...And here he is with his mates Jordan and Callum.


The Tais said...

Aww, good job JJ!! Proud of you buddy!

I will blog soon sis..

Toni said...