Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My funny little girl

So today Sisi and I did some baking. She LOVES to bake. Whenever I start getting ingredients out on the bench she gets a chair straight away and pushes it over. Everything takes a little longer and we make twice as much mess (I can hear all the other mums saying 'amen!')
I have been baking all the kids school snacks these last couple of weeks in an attempt to 1. Save money and 2. See if they're better off with their food intollerances if I make their snacks, thereby cutting out preservatives and all the artificial rubbish. So today we made biscuits. Half way through, once Sisi had eaten a quarter of the mixture, she starting chatting....full on. Every now and then she gets really expressive and chats for ages. Job and I often say we'll have to tape her doing it one day. With that thought in mind I quickly grabbed the camera and tried to record her doing it. It's extra funny because she makes no sense. For some reason she doesn't use proper words but rather makes up her own language.....and she goes flat out. Anyway, unfortunately she doesn't perform for the camera so I missed it. She is also still learning that she needs to stand in front of the camera and let me record before she can watch herself. She tries to look at herself while I am taping....and this is the result:

So the biscuits....this is how they turned out - a little flat, but still yummy. They have cranberries, white chocolate and almonds (instead of macadamias which benny is allergic to) through them. They are very more-ish and consequently for me I may need to hide them from myself. I ate a few of them.....not sure how many exactly, I lost count after three......but hey, I haven't had a bickie binge since my 7 tim tams - and I'm sure that was AGES ago!
 My little biscuit thief....
I have taught her well.


Maria said...

Gorgeous little Sisi

leetai said...

Hey mum :) You figured out how to post - well done.

The Tais said...

She's so big!! And so cute!!

And I feel so sorry for you being so sick. But on ya for keeping at it with the HIIT!.. You sound so sick!