Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sprints and Burpees - PART II

So its now been 4 weeks since I started working out with Kym in the mornings. I told her I will update our progress every two weeks, but I had a meltdown last tuesday morning while trying to run - so no pictures on that day! Then I got sick the next day, so I am one week behind the fortnightly updates.
So we've been slogging our guts out every weekday morning still at 6.30am, difference is now we have Mariah! She awesome. Kym and I LOVE having her workout with us, she is super fit and it wasn't until this last week or so that I even saw her puffed. While we run a lap for warm up, she chats away as if she's walking. I can hear Kym breathing and talking beside me while I'm just trying to concentrate on inhaling.....exhaling...repeat.
Mariah has studied human movement and has experience with personal training so we were quick to give her the responsibility of training us :) - lucky her. She goes to town once a week for a morning workout and comes back with new ideas for us to incorporate into our own workouts. We sometimes feel like we're having a mini heart attack but its really fun and Kym and I feel really good afterward. I brought the camera this morning to take some shots but unfortunately my photographer (Benny) was still asleep in his bed when I left. We did our workout and then I grabbed some pictures as we were stretching and cooling down. I didn't notice until I got home that Mariah pulls some really funny faces... 


Haha, sorry Mariah, they were too funny not to share. I was suprised that nearly every photo of you had you pulling a funny face. I love that last one though, you look cute.
Ok, so now Mariahs funny photos are up, onto the serious stuff - We did HIIT training this morning - something I learned off my brother in law (Job's brother John) It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The idea is to have your heart rate up for 15-20 mins. Its meant to help burn fat for the rest of the day if done correctly. So this morning after our warm up jog, we sprinted (Kym and Mariah accross to the other side of the football ground and me into the cricket pitch in the middle!) then had a 30 second recovery. We did that for 15 mins and we were knackered. Then we did some lower body weights and stretches. We're now incorporating weights into our workout and its going really well. Kym has been the die hard fitness woman these past two weeks and has had to get me out of bed a couple of times. Its so good having someone to workout with as its very hard to slack off!
I think we are doing really well, yes I have had a couple of binges but apart from that, its eyes on the goal! My weight loss to date is 6.5kgs. I'm not sure what Kyms is and I don't know if she'll want me posting it on here anyway. Mariah better not have lost anything! Here's a few shots of us this morning:

                                                       Kymbo streching after her big run

    I like this shot. They were talking about missions and marriage while cooling down.
                 (Must have been the marriage part of the conversation here)

                     Since we didn't have Benny, I held the camera out in front and we all squished in

                     Don't be mislead by all the funny photos of Mariah, she's a hard task master.
                                            No taking short cuts on her watch or look out!!

                                        Don't mess with us and our (slightly weird) tough faces!!

As for Burpees.....we haven't done any for a while. May have to incorporate them into next weeks schedule.



The Kings said...

you guys are going great!! Well done. It must be awesome to have Mariah train you and with you :)
Well done on the weight loss too - that's fantastic! It's getting harder and harder to be motivated with the cool mornings hey, but once you get out there and exercise you soon warm up and feel good for the rest of the day.

Maria said...

Gee Im glad I have AF and don't have to do all that stuff

Nettie's Blog said...

i am just destined to be a BLIMP ...there is NO WAY i am training with you lot when i come out there in April.... i would be dead in a week...he hehehe...thanks for the invite though...OH i have just had a thought ...Maybe i could take over Benny's job as the photographer?????? give it a thought.. i have had experience..well a bit anyway!!!!