Saturday, March 12, 2011

A brand new family member!

Today we drove JJ to Delorainne for a Stake Primary Activity. Since we had two and a half hours to kill while we waited for him to finish, we took a stroll up the main street. The girls were asleep so Job stayed in the car with them while Benny and I went for a walk. Lots of fun checking out all the shops - I even got a pair of sandles from an op shop for Lani for $1. Then we came accross another second hand shop but as well as selling merchandise, they aslo had homeless dogs out the front.......title making some sense now huh..
I'll spare the big long story, but basically I saw this dog and fell in love with him on the spot. He came home with us today. I'm so excited, its great to have a dog again - our family feels more complete. We're not sure what breed he is, the lady who has been so graciously looking after him and all the other homeless dogs, says he is a labX - personally I can't see it, but I'm not that great identifying dog breeds. All I know and care is that he is so gentle and placid. He's a great big sook really and so fits this family well. (yeah, we're full of great big sooks)

Introducing 'Big Boy.' We're considering a name change to 'Milo.' He is 10 months old.

                                                               Getting to know the Bunny

One of the biggest reasons I am so thrilled is that we have finally found a dog that Benny is not allergic to.

So Tuz....Dad....any suggestions on what breed he is??


Nettie's Blog said...

there's a lot of Kelpie in there... he looks just like my old dog Casey..i will show you some pics and you will see... she was a Kelpie X and looks about the same size ..she was gorgeous ...and a sook ...and i miss her still after 4 years... a complete family now you have a dog to love and love you back...

mighty_rifle said...

I agree nettie, She looks alot like O'l cassey!

The Kings said...

oh man -your kids must think they have the best parents ever! My poor boys are NEVER allowed to have a pet - such a cruel mum!