Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids and music

Its been a while since my last post. I've been hit with the virus that's been going around and haven't felt much like blogging this last week. Head, nose and throat all feel much better but I can't shake it from my chest. Anyway, this isn't about me and my chest :) It's about our kiddes who have been having music lessons from mum (me) for the past couple of weeks. Lani has started on the flute. She spent the first couple of lessons trying to get a sound out of it and now she can play a 'b' - Probably doesn't sound like much but its pretty involved for little 5 year old hands. Both thumbs need to support the flute while the a couple of other fingers hold down the keys.

Benny has started on guitar. Once I dusted it off, fixed and broken string and tuned it, we were ready to go. He decided he wants to learn 'The books of the Old Testament.' My kids love that song as JJ has been learning it for Sunday School. So far he can pick 'Matthew, Mark, Lu-ke, John, the...' The guitar is nearly as big as he is and so its a bit tricky for him to get his hand around the frets properly. Its his birthday in May so we'll buy him a child size one then. I had a look in the music shop and they're $69. I was so relieved, I expected them to be much more - Can't wait!
For some reason I like this photo of Benny in black and white rather than colour..

Then there's JJ. He's a funny one to teach, he gets so impatient at times and huffs and puffs. Other times he's a complete nutter. We've been playing the recorder together. This is a part of Beethovens 'Au clair de la lune.' - Don't know if I spelt that right and I can't be bothered checking, but I'm sure you'll recognise it. We play it as a duet - something I remember from primary school. I can't seem to recall any other useful information from years back right up until yesterday - but for some reason this song stuck in my brain. Oh, and you'll probably notice I had the giggles, but did a good job of holding it in til the end!

JJ also wants to learn the Mario Brothers theme song on the piano. Its a bit difficult thought for his age as his fingers can't reach a full octave yet so we are playing that one as a duet too - just something for fun. It'll post it when we've finished it. The kids really enjoy music. They don't even realise they 're having a lesson, they just think its a heap of fun. One day we'll have a Tai band! Its my dream to buy a drum kit for the boys and me one day. With the drums, we'll be set :)


The Walshe Family said...

I love all your blogs, but music & children - this is my favorite :)

The Tais said...

Slack, where's Job's instrument? lol..

Love this blog! And I like the photo of Ben in black and white too. He looks very 'uni-student-broke-as-joke-buskerish'.. lol..

Watched the video and heard you cough at the end. You superwoman! Using all your chest muscles to play with JJ.. lol..

And hope you're feeling better.

Love ya'll!

P.S What instrument DON'T you know how to play?

leetai said...

Thanks girls. Lol Loisi - Job's reserving his gusto for lead singer in our band!
and stop trying to give me a big head ;) You're just as much a music geek as I am.

The Kings said...

Your kids are so lucky to have such a talented Mum who can teach them so many different instruments!

che carina! said...

wow you sexy gorgeous talented momma!!

can't wait to come and listen to your band.

heck man if i knew you played the guitar i so would've asked you for lessons. derrick plays but you know..i'll get too distracted..bahahaha!!