Sunday, March 6, 2011

Games night

Back as far as I can remember in the Tai/Rogers history, there have been board games. We've played them together for years now. Sometimes when we lived close enough to eachother, (or even in the same house) it would be a few nights a week. Other years when we weren't so geographically close, it would be occasionally. In the early years, it was RISK. I even remember us staying up late playing it at mums the night before I went in for my second caesarean (Benny). Job just reminded me that we played it at Kym and Joe's in 2002 until close to 4am. Kym fell asleep that night, couldn't handle the pace! We've played many board games but our favouties and most played have included Cluedo, Zarahemla (a mormon twist on the settlers of catan) Settlers of the Stone Age and Killer Bunnies (the latest craze)  Personally, I love Cranium, we don't play that nearly enough :)
Now that we have our own place and aren't living with the Rogers, we get together once a month after church for dinner and games. Last night we played a 'Psyche Out' one we haven't played together for a long time. Its really funny as there is a lot of acting involved- for example, during the game I had to bark and act like a hungry seal, Job had 30 seconds to shed a tear (which he or none of us would have been able to do) and Joe had to impersonate a vampire (he sucked - haha, get it?!) On Kym's final turn she had to demonstrate the emotion 'RAGE.' I thought it would be a good time to get out the video camera :) She chose to re-inact a common event that happens in the Rogers household. Kym and Joe decide to go to bed at night, so Kym leaves the loungeroom expecting Joe to follow, only to wake up on the early hours of the morning to find him fast asleep on the couch. Everytime I watch this it cracks me up!


che carina! said...

bahahaha!! that was awesome.

go kym!! glad you caught it on camera leona ;D

Maria said...

hilarious tortor

The Tais said...

Great laughs!