Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Visit from the Police

When I told Benny that a friend of mine was coming to visit and that he was a policeman, Benny asked "A REAL policeman??!" When Simon pulled into the driveway half an hour later, Benny came running into the house like a mad man - "The Policeman is here!!" I knew my kids would love to meet my good friend Simon. Not because he's one of my best mates from Y.S.A  days but purely because he's a cop (Sorry Simon).
After a few minutes of catch up, Benny went straight in and started asking questions. Simon gave him his hand cuffs to play with. Unfortuntanately I didn't have the camera out until the end of his visit so I missed footage of Ben with the handcuffs. The kids loved them, taking turns putting them on eachother and leading one another around the house and yard. It got a little difficult to have a conversation toward the end once the kids discovered there were lots of cool things on Simons' belt.

Here he is showing the kids the capsicum spray - one of the two things they were not allowed to touch (the other one being the gun)  Didn't stop JJ from sneaking up from behind and grabbing it - luckily Simon noticed in time!

Not sure what this one's called ....a baton??

A quick photo with the kids before Simon heads back to work.. (Lani still facinated by the belt)

Time to go, bit tricky with Lani attached to his arm. Simon commented that it must look like he's dragging her out to his car. She didn't want him to go.

 The whole family including the dog said goodbye. Once Simon drove away, Benny turned to me and said "That was the best thing that has ever happened here in Tasmania!" I think he wishes he could take Simon to show and tell.

Thanks for the visit Simon, bet you didn't know you'd be such a hit! - And best wishes and love to Simone for the safe delivery of a brand new little bub in the next few days.


The Kings said...

hahaha - 'best thing to happen since we moved to Tasmania' cracked me up! You guys obviously don't have a lot of excitement! ; )
That's great the kids loved it so much. When Jay was little Simon gave him one of his old police shirts and he LOVED it - we still have it in our dress up box now.

Nettie's Blog said...

Simon followed our builder to the house yesterday ...Simon went to have a look at what we were doing and to get some ideas for their new house...the builder nearly wet himself when Simon got out of the car and followed him into our house.... the builder was thinking he had done something wrong and Simon was going to give him a fine.... Simon laughed and told him he had come for a "sticky beek" as Kelvin was his building designer... the builder told us he was still shaking for an hour after Simon left.... we laughed until we cried at the builders expense...funny as!!!!