Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Date with Ben

It feels like forever since I've done a blog post. Having the flu hit our house has really shaken things up! I was behind in my blogs before getting sick, now I think I may have completely lost track! I have so many things to blog about now, but I will start with today.

Today Benny and I had our date.

Job and I used to take turns taking each of the kids out one at a time on a special date, but we all got busy and starting forgetting. Eventually we stopped all together. We have just recently started back up again and I'm so excited about it. Life is so busy that I don't get enough time with each of my kiddies - not as much as I would like, so these dates are just gold. So priceless.

Benny was so gorgeous. He's been counting down the days to this afternoon. He was so excited this morning as he left for school knowing that when he got home we were spending special time together. He chose to go on a picnic, so before I picked the kids up from school I packed a snack with his favourite foods - a ham and cheese sandwhich, packet of chips and a milky way. We don't have a picnic blanket so I packed an old towel (my dad will recognise it, lol)

                        Job snapped a shot of us before we headed off down to the river for our picnic

On the way to the river, we rode past the cemetary. I have always enjoyed visiting cemetaries. No I don't have a morbid fasination with death, its more a reverence and a connectedness that I feel, sort of like being closer to Heaven. I always find it hard not to get emotional when I see the headstones of little children. I have visited different cemetaries with the boys over the years and they enjoy visiting them too. Benny was keen to walk around and read all the headstones.

                       This one was especially sad (and a little strange), three children from the same family

Most of the graves were over 100 years old.. 

             Some of them, we couldn't make out, the engravings had nearly completely worn away.

We even found a man who lived to the age of 100.

    Once we'd finished, we rode on to the river and passed the cute little lambs on the bank. They were so noisy, baa-ing back and foward between the mums and they're babies - sounded a bit like the noise at our house...except that we're much louder

Once we were at the river, we rode down to our usual spot at the jetty - only to find that it was completely underwater.

If you look closely you can see the outline of the jetty under the water, to the left of the twig. (Maybe try closing one eye and tilting your head to the left...;)  - haha, who really did that??!

                                          Benny chose a patch of grass to lay our picnic out on.

It was so much fun hanging with my Benny. The most special thing about having dates with the kids is how special they make you feel. Benny thinks that spending time with me is the best thing in the world - how can anything ever replace that?

                                           Benny with his imaginary fishing rod - and green fish

                                The ducks enjoyed eating our crusts (I don't eat my crusts either!)

There's no better way to spend time than with those we love. I loved this afternoon, I think even more than Benny did.


Nettie's Blog said...

very special afternoon.... unforgettable for both of you....
you are an awesome mum Leonah

Sam and Mariah said...

Makes a reader want to spend more quality time with their children.

The Kings said...

Oh so fun! My boys love it too when they get to do something special one on one. You can see in Benny's smile how much he was loving it :)

Simone Triffitt said...

The kids will never forget their dates and I love how it was done without the usual gadgets of computer, Dsi, ipods and the like that kids love these days. So sad that those twins drowned on the same day back in 1872.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for highjacking your blog Leona, but I noticed that the children that drowned, died on seperate dates, but drowned at the same place, how tragic was that?
Love Lorraine (Lisa's Mum)