Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swimming carnival 2012

I can't believe its been a whole year since the last swimming carnival.

I can't believe its been a whole 4 months since I've blogged! There are a couple of reasons why I haven't, but lets put it down to being incredibly slack :)

So yesterday was the school swimming carnival for grades 3-6. Job and I were very proud of JJ as he swam the length of the pool this year (25m)
                                                He came a very close third for his freestyle

                                                                    The scores and ribbons table

                                                                           JJ and Callum

Charlotte also did well with her freestyle - especially as this is her very first year in swimming sports. She also snatched up third place.... (that's her with the white cap)

                                                               ......and a kiss from mum

I found some funny looking spectators - wonder who they came with??

Time for backstroke. JJ came third again behind his good mates Lewis and Callum

                                   Charlotte took a nice big gulp of water before starting her backstroke...

                                ...and came third :) Must be something special about the number three

                       While JJ and Charlotte competed in the novelty relays at the end of the afternoon...
                                                  ....this little chickadee found ways to amuse herself.
Once the boys were changed, I snapped a few shots of them together. Unfortunately we couldn't find Sam or  Jordan (a couple of the other boys that belong in the bunch)

JJ is really lucky to have good friends. He loves Lewis and Callum and the best thing is that they all live a stones throw away from eachother. JJ never wants to move from this house :) They get along really well.

                                                                             Can you tell?


Anonymous said...

Hey I didnt know that JJ was such a swimmer. Charlotte yes. Both of them are gorgeous

JL Hogben said...

YAY!!! Finally your back! I've been checking and rechecking wondering whether you had given up! :) I LOVE your blogs lol I know I'm a broken record but I finally started mine... and I realised why I love yours... so much. I write too much. Hopefully when I work out how to post the pictures properly it will be less writing! anyways hope all is well in the Tai household! Sorry for he essay. Lis. x