Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Water Bug

Sisi has started swimming lessons this term and she absolutely loves them. She's the first one out of our kids to have proper lessons. With the older three at school, she felt left out. We thought swimming lessons may be a way for her to learn vital skills as well as having something special to look forward to each week. She now has a few activities each week to keep her busy. She has started pre kinder for just over and hour on Mondays (which she also loves), her swimming and then shopping are on Tuesdays, she has a playday with her cousin Archie on Thursday mornings.. and Friday mornings she has speech therapy at St. Giles (post to come) She is a busy girl!
In between there is lots of time to hang out with her mum ;)

                       So this is what she looks like each Tuesday morning after the big kids go to school

As soon as she gets into the pool, its all smiles - from start to finish. She loves the water so much and often gets into trouble for not sitting still. I just watch from the the sideline and laugh quietly to myself. What 3 year old can sit still at the best of times, let alone in a swimming pool?! Her swimming instructor is really good and very patient with her. I love the way Sisi is completely oblivious and just enjoys herself.

Each week the instructor pours water over the kids heads and then gets them do it to themselves. I laughed last week when I watched Sisi pour it on her instructors head instead of her own.

The half hour lesson flies by and I enjoy watching her learn and enjoy her lessons each week

Once I have her showered and dressed, she loves to cover herself with the ink stamps they have in the reception area. (Yes, I meant 'cover') Back of her hands....front of her hands.....

...and her legs...of course.

As much as I enjoy watching her in the pool, listening to her sing Beyonce's 'Halo' on the way in the car, is pretty
darn cute too.

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she is a precious water baby the singing...