Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just what I needed..

The night before last I went to bed in a huff. Job did something that annoyed me so I took myself and the baby off to our room and closed the door behind me without even saying goodnight to the kids. I can't remember exactly what it was that set me off....All I know is that I had a gross overeaction and chucked a hissy fit for nothing :)
Unfortunately (for Job) I was still off the next morning. I couldn't put my finger on why I was being a grump and I couldn't seem to help myself. It was nearly time for me to take Sisi to pre kinder. I really didn't feel like going. I didn't want to spend an hour with other people when all I wanted to do was throw pillows really hard at something (or maybe someone..;) and have a good sook!
Job doesn't like it when I'm quiet and withdrawn. He suggested we skip pre kinder and go out somewhere fun instead. The gloomy feeling I was experiencing started to lift immediately and when he offered to take us to the gorge for a nice walk and some lunch, it just about vanished! Then my heart sank a little as I realised that we couldn't go. I wouldn't have enough time to get back to school for lunch and do Lani's insulin. After a discussion and some nudging from Job, I went to school and asked Lani's teacher if she would mind supervising Lani as she gave herself her dose. She was happy to oblige and so our day was now free :)
Job knows I love to get out of the house and one of our favourite places to spend time is at the Launceston Gorge. I still believe it is one of the most beautiful places in the world - not that I have seen any of the world outside of Australia and parts of NZ, but anyway....
We arrived and Teancum was hungry (he's always hungry) Job took Sisi to the park while I fed bub in the car and consequently began my day at the gorge with baby spew all down my front.

It was such a beautiful day, perfect weather. The perfect setting for me to unload all my problems onto my husbands shoulders. I thought it only fair since some of the problems were him :)

                                       We left Sisi to babysit while we walked and talked

                                          We had a nice lunch - and even went back for seconds.

We watched a male peacock as he showed off to a couple of female peacocks

We had lots of fun, walking, playing and hanging out together.

     I wished I had a pair of rollerblades when I saw the empty pool. How much fun would that be??!

                                       It was the perfect day. So nice to have a small break.

I came home happy as larry and have been ever since. One of my dear friends from Melbourne - Bronwen, called that night (last night) just to top of a lovely day. It was so nice to chat to her.

                   I am grateful for my hubby who knows you can't be grumpy at the gorge :)


The Kings said...

So glad you went out and had some fun. No one likes a grump :) It must be hard having to plan your day around insulin at the moment. I remember days like that when I felt like I couldn't go far in case I got a call from school to pick up Noah. It's nice that Lani can do it herself and hopefully as time goes on you won't have to worry at all. xxxx

Joe said...

I totally agree, the gorge is magnificent! So that grumpy thing must have come from your mum then because Kym.........I mean the peacocks looked lovely.

Nettie's Blog said...

cant imagine you ever being a grump Leonah...you are always smiling and a delight to be around...so glad you are that happy person again for you and your beautiful family....