Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our first outing as Six

The first weekend after Job left, I was a little nervous to be home on my own with the kiddies. It sounds silly to me now because I am starting to settle into a groove most days. It is definitely diffcult looking after the children on my own but also very rewarding. I am really enjoying spending time with them and watching them achieve in their music and sporting endeavours. I'm also glad that they are happy. The kids and I are close but being on our own now is making us even closer - and I am really enjoying that. Sisi is still a bit of a struggle for me at the moment. I think partly because I am very busy and sometimes lack the patience to meet her needs (or demands!) and also because her hearing needs to be assessed. I'm looking forward to her finally having her hearing test done. Maybe when she can hear better, she'll begin to listen. Maybe ;)
So anyway, the first weekend I felt quite aprehensive. I called the Rogers on the Friday, hoping they had something planned for the Saturday. I told them that whatever it was, we were tagging along!
I had seen pictures of the Allum Cliffs on Lisa's and Simone's blog and suggested we go there. I'm glad we did, it was a beautiful walk, followed by a breathtaking view. According to the sign, the short trip took 45 mins return. Took us and our 10 kids a lot longer than that ;)
As we unloaded our cars, the kids took turns running up and down the path. Making their usual amount of noise and ensuring that we wouldnt be seeing any wildlife on this walk - or hopefully other people! There were too many steps to take the pram so I carried Tank and loaded up Kymbo and the kids with all our food and drinks - thats what family are for right? To bring the food.

The kids had fun on the wooden structure which was situated a third or so into the walk. We stopped here on the way back and had our lunch (which for interests sake was chicken and chip sandwhiches, followed by chocolate cake and grapes.) - As long as there's a fruit or vegie in there somewhere, I'm a good and responsible mother.

Benny and Joe
The Old Lovebirds :)

My cute little man

Kym and Joes' cute little man

Most of the cousins...minus Charlotte and Flynny

The view from the lookout

My babies. I love this photo.


The new us.

It was a nice day. I was glad to spend some time seeing the beauty of Tasmania on a day when my stomach felt like it was doing flip flops. It doesn't do it quite so much anymore. Weekends are still a bit hard but hopefully as time goes on, it will get easier - especailly when my mum gets here! lol


Fiona said...

It looks like a wonderful day, the kids look happy, and it will get easier.
And that photo from the look out is fabulous. What a view!

Nettie's Blog said...

got to go there we have passed it on our way to Cradle Mountain on Tuesday...looks great ..the kids sure enjoyed it ..see it in their faces...XXXXX

Anonymous said...

You have an absolutely beautiful family.
You are a great Mum.
Keep smiling, because you are beautiful, inside and out.