Friday, June 1, 2012

A bun in the oven!

I am still trying to figure out whether I have a big bun...

...or a big oven.

                                Here I am.. (brace yourself if you haven't seen me recently)

That photo was taken three weeks ago, so add on a couple more centimetres and you'll get where I am now. I am laughing to myself as I look at this shot as it captures exactly how I am feeling today.

Since this is my first and probably last "I am pregnant!" blog, I'll go back to the beginning.....

hmmmm, wonder if I can remember the beginning (naughty me for not blogging this ealier)

I remember going grocery shopping with Job. We were walking up and down the isles when suddenly I needed to go to the toilet. The sensation left, returned and then left again. I thought it was a bit strange but just ignored it. Then we got to my favourite isle (where the chocolate is of course) and hubby said "Which chocolates are you going to get today?" I said "Actually I don't feel like any."
That's when we both stopped and looked at eachother, knowing that something was up. Job just said flat out "You must be pregnant! It's the only time you dont go crazy over chocolate." We bought a pregnany test and went home. I was pretty sure I must be pregnant, Job was right, I never turn down chocolate. With this quiet assurance and my excitement growing, I decided we should test when the kids got home from school so they could be a part of it too.

Here they are waiting for me to come out of the toilet - going a bit nutty with anticipation by the looks of it.

                                                           Job captured the result on video...

It a faint second line, but it's there :)

I also took a video of Benny and Lani  who were so excited..

It was so much fun, sharing the moment with the kids.

The kids have been great. JJ and Lani especially have been extra helpful around the house. JJ has been learning how to cook meals with me now so that when the time comes, he can prepare some dinners. Lani is happy to clean and pick up whatever I can't get to on the floor. Benny is usually pretty good too ;) - when he feels like it. They have all enjoyed feeling the baby grow and move. Job and I took them along to the ultrasound where we found out we'll be having another boy. I thought it was beautiful on that day how they didn't care in the slightest about the sex, they're were just so stoked to be having a little baby to look after. I'm hoping the novelty of helping me to change those dirty nappies wont wear off after the first week!

So once we knew we were pregnant, we told our families and I told my close friends. I didn't make it to the twelve week mark before everyone else found out. I popped right out at week 9 and had to start wearing baggy tops and lavalavas.  By the time I was 11 weeks, I was in maternity clothes:

Morning sickness continued on into week twenty...something and I had a few small hiccups along the way with stomach pain, reflux and lack vitamins. Speaking of hiccups, I've never had a baby hiccup so much in utero! He hiccups 2-3 times a day, each episode lasting a good 5 minutes. They are so easy to feel and see now, my tummy moves with each one. I think he may be a little piggy.

Its also really nice that I am able to be pregnant along with Kym and Mariah (my workout companions) This is us a couple of months ago I think, on a camping trip. As you can see they were not popping out as much as me.....yet! They are definitely starting to catch up now though.

Two of my best friends, Kristy and Kelly are also pregnant, as is my sister and law, Lois. I wish we could be closer together....that would be nice.

So here I am now (well, three weeks ago) I am currently 35.5 weeks pregnant and am measuring 40 weeks :) My dates are correct and bub is only a centimetre or so bigger, so the doctor has concluded that the rest of my tummy is amniotic fluid. Whatever it is, it's heavy!

                  Maybe it not all baby either ;)  Some of that fluid could be classic chocolate milk??

So... along with a few more bigger hiccups these last few weeks, we are well on the way to meeting baby number five. Job has been a life saver, rubbing my back when it gets too much :) My caesarean is booked for the 28th of this month. It will push me a couple of days over 39 weeks and is a later delivery than my other caesars have been.... so fingers crossed I'll make it until then without bub wanting to pop out any earlier.

My family are pretty much used to my big belly now but sometimes they look at me and exclaim "mum" or "honey"  "You're huge!" Especially when I park myself on the couch like a beached whale and let my tummy hang out in all its glory! It's funny to look at photos as Sisi is just the right height to get a belly nudge. My tummy seems to be constantly pushing her around :)

She is just as excited as the big kids are to meet her little brother. She plays with my bare belly every day, giving it lots and lots of kisses. (The black and white is to spare you from having to look at all my stretch marks!) 

       Lani also loves to talk to him each day. I wonder if he will recognise her voice once he's born.

 As I am typing this, he is hiccuping again :) I can't wait to meet him in three and a half weeks!


The Kings said...

You look so good Leona! I LOVE that you caught it all on video - that's awesome. Can't wait to meet your little man.

Anonymous said...

This post made me really smile.
I look foward to seeing your new little man.
You make gorgeous kids.
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

well by the size of your belly i am thinging he is going to unzip and walk out by himself....he little man for you you...hope you baby clothes arent 0000s..i think he will start out in O;s ...just joking....cant wait to meet the little man.