Monday, June 18, 2012

Kids and Laundry

A few months ago, we decided to give our kids some more jobs to do....just general things to help more around the house. Part of the reason was my determination to squish the ingratitude out of them :) and the other was because frankly, the bigger my belly got, the more help I needed. So, in addition to being responsible for their own rooms and general mess making around the house, I also organised for them to take over the washing. I haven't hung out, brought in or folded washing now for a long time. It's awesome!! Job is enjoying it too :)  When Job and I sorted the washing, we'd always wait until we were tripping over the huge pile in the loungeroom, or until the day no one could find any clothes to wear because they were all in the clean washing pile. Now with the kids doing it all regularly, its done 3-4 times a week - so no huge piles anymore.

The first time Benny sorted the washing, he picked up a huge pair of grey undies and said "Who's are these??! They're HUGE!"

Well, they were mine. I said "Excuse me, do you mind??" Hahaha, he thought they were hilarious and wore them around the house for the next half an hour. Not only were they big, but they were full of holes too - and no I'm not showing you a photo of them ;) 

So it became Bennys ritual when it was his turn to sort the clothes and he found my funny undies, to put them on and we'd all laugh at them. I finally told him the other day to throw them in the bin. (Just to explain - I have a few pairs of baggy knickers in the house that I bought over the years to wear post-caesar.) 

               Now that my funny underwear has gone, he finds other things to wear instead. Silly Ben.

Sisi knew something funny was going down when I got the camera out and put on my underwear too (as did JJ but he wont admit it) I have some hilarious ones of Benny and JJ together that JJ has forbidden me to share.

I'll be saving them for their 21st birthdays ;)


Simone Triffitt said...

That sounds absolutely awesome!!! I'm getting my kids to read your post. Love love the undies and bra parade.

Nettie's Blog said...

ha ha the bra and undies shots ...i wouldnt be saving them for the 21st...i would be doing it at the weddings..he he..