Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A new pet

When we moved from our previous house, we had to part with a heap of animals. We had a mini farm! We sent our dog to my dad (which has made our dog and my dad very happy) and I was able to sell and give away our guinea pigs, rabbits and chooks. We had the guinea pigs and chooks since they were babies so it was a little hard to give them up.
It's the first time in a long while that we have been animal free. We've been here in our new house for around 5-6 weeks and have not needed to worry about looking after any extras!
...until Benny came home last week with a lizard. Louie the lizard.  He rescued him from the road on his way home from a morning run with Job.

He didn't look too good to me. Being the lizard expert that I am, I diagnosed a large bump in his midsection and announced a bleak prognosis. I didn't think he would make it through the night. Luckily for benny, his dad isn't a realist like me.
 He suggested Benny pray and perhaps Heavenly Father would heal the lizard. I shot Job a hard look that said "don't set our son up to have his faith crushed!!" He looked back half apologetically and half deflated that I didn't share his view. But when benny looked at me for confirmation that it may be possible for the lizard to survive and that God would care, I thought 'who am I to decide what Heavenly Father's designs are....for his lizard creations?' But mostly 'who am I to deprive my child of an opportunity to exercise his childlike faith and ask Heavenly Father for a miracle?'
It's amazing the thoughts and non spoken dialogue that can occur in seconds.
So benny kept louie in his room that night. He was barely moving. Many times that evening we thought he had died. I went to bed with my pessimism and didn't expect to see a live reptile in the morning. 

In the morning......we had a live reptile on our hands! Much to my suprise he is still alive today. The kids have been praying for his survival and Benny and Lani even fasted with Job this Sunday gone. We all enjoy watching him circle around the backyard looking for sun and shade. The kids sometimes take their lunch out and eat with him.........or her ☺

Louie still comes in each night and has also been on an excursion to the Rogers home.

He can't run away so the kids enjoy being able to get up close and watch him. They are very gentle with him. We're not sure how long he will survive but we are happy he continues to defy the lizard odds. I'm thinking he may be getting some Heavenly Aide ☺

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