Friday, January 16, 2015

A quick catch up of last year in photos.

I found the following photos in a draft blog I must have planned on doing a year or so ago. Figured I would post them in spite of myself forgetting what half of them were about :) I don't like to waste pictures- so here is a snippet of what I planned to write about in 2014....

Lani's hospital stay. I think she was there in the childrens ward for 3 days, Lani is certain it was 5. How would she really know? Her blood sugar levels were so high she didn't know what what was going on!!

 A few friends asked me to blog about paleo and what we were eating so I got some food pics ready..

 By the way my kids loved the healthy meals.

                           Christmas 2014

 I think we had pancakes Christmas morning.

          My brother visited last year and this year too
  Haha, must have thought this one of kym was funny. I think I was right.

We had lots of fun on the hot days with the kids Christmas present :)

 New years day....

 The kids were so excited about camping at bridport that they packed their bags a week before.

Kids and I painted some old drawers for Sisi to use. Tank painted his nose. Sisi painted her toes. 

We picked rasberries at the Rogers house when they were away :)

 Our guinea pigs had babies. Never trust pet shops to give you same sex guinea pigs!!

We spent lots of time at the Perth river. I love that place. So beautiful and refreshing.

We had a great year. The kids finished up their last year of formal schooling, we lived with the Rogers and drive Kym mad for 4 months.... and we had a cute little baby. He is now a cute chubby baby and we love him to pieces. We are now in our own place and are looking forward to the year ahead. Bring on more mayhem and memories for 2015!!!

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