Thursday, March 5, 2015

15 years

15 long torturous years!

It's our 15th Wedding anniversary today. I was only kidding, it hasn't been all torture.  Some days have been quite enjoyable 😉 I shouldn't really say things like that as someone may take me seriously. It's no secret that Job and I have had our struggles but we definitely love eachother (most of the time) ok I'll stop! I'm reading a book at the moment called 'Covenant Hearts' by Elder Hafen, this is one of the passages I highlighted the other day. I have been thinking about it a lot recently: 'You make one....of two possible universes true by your trust or mistrust.  Thus optimism and pessimism are definitions of the world, our faith before hand in an uncertified result is the only thing that makes the result come true.' I often find it difficult to 'trust' in happily ever after but I know that my mistrust and fear will only make it so. I am trying to have faith in us. It's something I am working on each day. I think we can make it. No. I know we can.. plus, we have a lot going for us, look at how spunky we are together!

Not to mention our spunky offspring. Of all the things we've made together, I like these six best.

So here's how our day went today...
Job and JJ went out early this morning for a run around Perth with Joe and Justin. We had family scripture study and learning time until 1pm. I enjoyed maths today with JJ. We played around with the Fibonacci sequence and parabola curve.

During the morning Benny and Lani made cute little things for us. Lani arranged it on our bed. That piece of paper has a song written on it...composed by Lani.

Here she is singing it to us

We finally left the house at 2pm. We picked up some celebratory chicken and chips - and a cake from the cheesecake shop, then headed to the park.

We had lunch, the kids played in the park and then we went for a walk

Looking for eels

We explored the big rocks...

 Baby smootches!

We hung around on the rocks, Job had a quick doze (yes he can fall asleep anywhere!) while the kids picked blackberries

By this stage it was getting late and we thought we'd better make a move. We tried to get back to the car but we walked past the oval. The green grass was much too enticing so the kids had races for the next half an hour.  

I took more photos of this cutie while we watched

I can't remember what we did for the rest of the evening because I am finishing this post off nearly a month later....naughty me. I do remember that we had cereal for dinner 😊
We had a nice day with the kids. Spending time with family is our favourite thing to do and we were blessed to be to do it on our special day.


melandpeter said...

Congrats guys! Huge milestone. It certainly isn't all roses but it's so worth it hey! I get a sense of how much the kids and you are enjoying homeschooling. x

dylanandrews said...

Awesome blog Leona. Love reading blogs about your great family. Keep them coming. Dylan