Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's been a while....

I know I often blog in bursts these days because I get too busy (usually paying attention to my kids) but this time its been a while for a different reason.

       This cute little 10 year old boy passed away.. (here he is with his mum on his last birthday in June)

Lisa (Noah's mum) commented on her blog the day this photo was taken that she hoped Noah would be more awake for his birthday next year :)  Noah was born with hydranencephany, meaning he was missing most of his brain. I don't think any of us thought so much about Noah's disibilites, we all just saw and knew him as 'Noah.' You can read lots more about Noah and his awesome family here on Lisa's blog.       Although he didn't live long enough to celebrate his eleventh birthday, he outlived his life expectancy by 6 years!! Good on you Noah!!  Heavenly Father gave him 10 years to bless the lives of everyone around him.
I didn't know Noah as well as many others did. I've been a bit slow building friendships over here. I still feel like a bit of an outsider in a place where so many people are related or have grown up together. Most of the members at church share a history together. I came to know Lisa through my love of photography. She takes beautiful photos and once I found out she also liked tim tams, I was hooked! I didn't feel entitiled to shower Noah with cuddles and kisses as others did because I didn't know the family so well (stupid I know!) but I did have many quieter moments at church when no one was around and Noah was parked quietly in his wheelchair in one of the hallways, to have a quick chat and give his chubby cheeks some kisses :)

Along when so many other family and friends, I have been thinking about the Kings a lot over this last two weeks. They are loved by so many people and I think its because of they shared Noah with everyone.
If I ever lost one of my children, I would curl up in a dark corner somewhere and hybernate. I'm pretty sure I would want everyone to leave me alone. The greateset lesson I have learned from Noah and his family is how to share yourself. I'm sure it will take me a lifetime to be able to do what they have in these short years. They have the ability to completely share their joy, their pain and grief with people around them. Maybe they learned this special gift from Noah himself. :)

When we loose someone we love - especially family and even more so - a child, we mourn for what 'could' have been. The Kings had 10 wonderful years of what 'could' have been, with Noah.

I love this photo of Noah and his older brother Jaylen. This picture is also from his birthday. Jalen felt that Noah didn't have very much time left and so he got some extra cuddles in :)

The service for Noah was just so beautiful. So so beautiful. I felt privilleged to be able to help with the music and contribute to the photos. The Kings gave such moving talks and I think Noah would have been especially proud of his brothers!

At the cemetary, there was lots of colour....beautiful flowers and decorations, a bubble machine and colourful balloons for all the children to release into the big blue sky.

                                                      It truly was a celebration of Noahs life!

                    Thank you King family, for teaching me so much more about love and sacrifice xx


The Kings said...

I am so grateful for your beautiful music and photos at Noah's funeral. Thanks so much Leona. We love you, even without a love for photography and tim tams :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leona,
Thank you for the kind words, and especially for the photos. I LOVE!!! the photo of all the kids when they let the balloons go. I love the sure joy and happiness on their faces. I like to think those little faces will show the same joy when we meet again with Noah.
Thank you for the meal that you made for us when we came home from Hobart.
It wasn't so much the meal, but the thought and kindness it was delivered with.
When I first met you, you didn't seem like a stranger to me, I felt that I had known you before.
Thanak you for everything that you have done for Lisa and Aaron and my grandsons. I love you for it.
Love Lorraine.

che carina! said...

a very touching post hun!! xx