Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I thought it was about time I had a follow up blog on the kids music.

We went through a bit of a slump where I wasn't teaching the kids much in the way of music. We were way too content lounging around doing who knows what else instead. About 5-6 weeks ago I decided it was time to start a fresh. I found a really good website where you can listen to, and print out kids music. I have been using some of the songs for the kids but the thing I love the most, are the pratice charts:

The chart covers a whole month. We told the kids that if they met their weekly goals for the month, we would have a little reward for them. We began last month with smaller ammounts of practice time. Lani started off with 5 mins a day, Benny 8 mins and JJ 10 mins. They filled their entire charts and even practiced a little bit extra. We were very proud of them and gave them their little rewards a week ago (a lego person each).

Even Sisi got one! They loved opening up the packet to see who the mystery lego characters were. Of course Benny was disappointed that he didn't get what JJ got.

I have been telling the kids that they'll be putting on a concert soon. We thought the perfect time to do so would be next week while my mum and (other) sister are here visiting. I made up some invitations but didn't get them sent out in time, so mum and Toni, you'll have to count this as your invite :)

                                                                      ...and with the flash...

The kids have been practicing hard. So far, for the first week of the next rehearsal month, the kids have put in double time. They are eager to finish their songs before the concert.

                                 As usual, I don't know who's more excited, them or me.

Here's a sneak preview. I found this video that Job took of Lani. Judging by her hair, I'd say it was 2-3 months ago. This is the first song Lani chose to learn on the piano. Its from the Barbie movie 'A diamond Castle.'

                                           She can play the whole song now, plus three others.

Sometimes the kids grumble, but most of the time they are happy to practice and enjoy showing us what they can do. The practice charts really help too!

- If anyone would like to take over teaching Benny, let me know!


The Kings said...

haha - love the comment about Benny at the end :) what a great idea to have a concert at home when your Mum etc is down. Wish we had a piano at home.

Sam and Mariah said...

I don;t know much about pianos but I am sure I could teach Benny some fun tricks if you like.

Kelly said...

Hey gorgeous. Been a long time. Just had a quick read of some or your last posts. I was touched by the post of Noah's funeral service and life celebration. It was really moving.
I hope everything's well with you. Just found out about this new thing the Church is doing...it's a call for high quality music for their "create" website. Here's the link if you're interested. I think you could put some of your great stuff in there. Miss ya. Take care.
PS> Are you not on facebook any more?? COuld not find you...