Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday - our favourite family day

Sunday is my favourite family day because it's the only day of the week that the TV and computer dont go on (apart from the occasional peep at facebook!) After church, Sisi has a sleep while the kids and I pig out on whatever food we can find left in the cupboard. Job watches us, amused at what sort of food combinations we can come up with. He is usually fasting and has to wait for his. So once we've stuffed ourselves, we take the opportunity to play some board games while Sisi is still sleeping. Once she wakes up.....board games are over. It must look like some sort of '30 second game evacuation' in the house. When she wakes up, someone yells "Sisi's awake!!" and we all rush around, picking up pieces and quickly packing things away in a crazy type of frenzy before she comes down the hallway and discovers us.
Try playing a board game with our little Sisi and you'll understand why.

So after the mad board game clean up, we'll often continue to play other games, ones that Sisi can join in with (and ones the often send Job off to sleep on the couch) I have taken so many photos and so much footage of our Sunday afternoons together but I am learning that if I spend too much time looking for photos and videos my blog never gets done. I am also learning that I desperately need to organise my photos! So in an effort to continue blogging, I am only going to post some pics from Sunday last week and maybe when I get time.....or not, I'll post all the other fun things we have done (including family wrestling...there needs to be footage of me throwing Job on the floor!)

The Sunday just gone, we added a new activity to the list, probably our favourite one so far. We had to make a drop to the Terrys, so we took the dog and went for a walk. I should probably also mention that the Terrys came to our house first and woke up Job and myself. We had accidently fallen asleep on the couch! Must have been another game of duck, duck goose that sent us both off to sleep ;) Haha, Sundays are also sleepy days for some reason.
So anyway, on the way to the Terrys we came up with the brilliant plan that we wouldn't knock on the door as usual, but rather sneak up and knock - and - run. We cut accross the vacant blocks near their back fence when suddenly we saw Sam in the backyard. I yelled "Everybody Down!!" Instantly we all dropped to the ground ninja style and started crawling and ducking along the grass trying to get to the fence line and out of sight. I wonder if any of the neighbours peered out of their windows and thought we were Charlies Angels. We were all hiding behind their neighbours fence when the neighbour came out. He politely ignored us (which helped Job and I keep a little dignity)
So the 4 kids and the dog went up to the front door, left a little package on the doorstep, knocked and bolted back to the fence where Job and I were waiting. We were all squealing and shooshing eachother. I'm sure the Terrys (and the rest of the neighbourhood) could hear us. The kids weren't sure if the Terrys heard the knock so they went back but got caught. Mission Failed! The Terrys had no idea there was a mission at all. Lani had a chat to Mariah and the girls and then we walked back home. We had so much fun in stealth mode we decided to do the same thing to the Clarks and the Rogers, but were caught out both times too. Looks like we'll have to work on our stealth mode for next time. It could become a Sunday time I'll have to take the camera. Job and I laugh hysterically whenever we think of all of us dropping down low on the middle of the vacant block....surrounded by houses....and windows. It would have been hilarious if Sam had have turned around and saw us.

Ah, good times. I do have some photos handy of the Sunday beofe that (8 days ago) we played quite a few rounds of celebrity heads. I don't know who Sisi had on her head (it may have even been blank)

         Samuel the Lamanite, The Wise Men, Blank piece on Sisi's head (I think) and The Brother of Jared

               Not sure how JJ ended up with that funny looking peice of paper. Wait. Job did that one ;)
                                                  Strippling Warriors and Gadianton Robbers

I love this photo of the boys, this was taken at the end of the night. The rest of the pics and videos will    never make it to the blog as you can see on the bathroom floor where all their clothes are :) 

                      I love the fun you can have with your family within the walls of your own home.


The Kings said...

You have the coolest family Leona :) I was laughing about the pack up the games when Sisi wakes up - same with Kobe :)

Chelsea Parsons said...

cool, will have to add that game to do here x