Monday, September 26, 2011

Poor Job and some toy stuffing!


Sorry, its a funny one...I'm going to get in lots of trouble for this post, but I think its worth it!

I love Sunday afternoons. After church (most of the time when everyone is home) we hang around, chatting and playing games. Usually during the game time somewhere, Job nods off on the couch. Yesterday we wrestled for quite a while (Job and I came a draw at two all) and then played duck, duck, goose. Job claimed he was dizzy from duck, duck, goose and went and lay down on his usual spot. Sisi had just recently pulled the stuffing out of a toy snake and left it all over the floor.

                                                         The kids and I couldn't resist......

Hahaha, poor Job. It's always got on my nerves the way that he can sleep at the drop of a hat. Throughout our 11 years of married life, he always dozes off. If he's not working and we go to bed together, he always falls asleep first. Often he comes home from work late at night, wakes me up, has a chat and then two seconds later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - while I'm left lying there unable to go back to sleep because some rude husband just woke me up! Well, I found something to help myself feel better. I was showing JJ what I do to him when he falls asleep on me. If you can't sleep at night while your spouse does, and you want to amuse yourself, I highly recommend it.

                                                                JJ had a few turns too..

                                           I know we shouldn't do it, but its just too funny not to.

                              He even got a cute little kiss (notice the fluff collection on the couch)
                                    Sleeping on the couch at our house is not the greatest idea :)



Sam and Mariah said...

Funny Funny Funny. I guess that he has no idea that you have done this to him. You are lucky that he just goes back to sleep. It would have been funny if he had sprung up and cased you around.
Good old Sunday afternoon naps.

The Kings said...

haha!!! That is hilarious. Poor Job!!! I'm wondering if this post is going to be deleted in the future :)

Nettie's Blog said...

what an awesome dad...he didnt even get crabby...Job you truly take after your name sake in the scriptures i am thinking...