Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleeping buddies

I have mentioned in a past blog that my kids are restless during the night - Some of the symptoms of their food intollerances manifest themselves strongly at night unfortunately. Although they are not so great at staying asleep - they are wonderful at FALLING asleep. They'll fall asleep anywhere...
I always remember when Benny was only 2-3, he would fall asleep at my feet on the cold wooden rec hall floor, on a Sunday during relief society. If he was tired, he'd just lay on the floor....anywhere!
Sisi is the same, if she's really tired when we're shopping, she'll just fall asleep in the trolley. She fell asleep in nursery a few weeks ago at the table while eating her lunch - wish I had a photo of that one :) I even remember having to grab her when I saw her swaying on her feet one day, she nearly fell asleep standing up.
Here's a couple of shots of her recently:

      She fell asleep watching barbie songs at the computer (She's still in her pjs in the middle of the day, lol)

                                                        In the middle of the hallway

I've just spent half an hour looking for the cutest photo but can't find it. It was some of our kids and the rogers, sitting on the couch together and Sisi is fast asleep...

        Last night, I went into Lani's room to tuck the kids in before I went to bed and this is what I found:

These two have always loved sleeping together - its one of the reasons they share a room. JJ will tolerate sleeping with someone else, but Lani and Benny seek eachother out. I tell them to sleep in their own bed, especially for Bennys sake who's ezcema will flare up easily from being too warm while sleeping beside another body. But we usually find them like this. Sometimes we move Lani back her to her bed on the floor, othertimes we just leave them. They have slept together so often over the years that it's hard to separate them now..

Ths funniest photo I have of these two is from a couple of years ago:
        I have better versions of this photo somewhere, where you can see Lani's face, but I can't find them.
See what I mean? My kids can fall asleep anywhere.....sometimes in the funniest locations and positions - how uncomfortable would this be??!
I cannot fall asleep anywhere or anytime but Job on the other hand.......

....hahahahaha, there are so many photos.......but I might loose MY sleeping buddy if I put them up!

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The Kings said...

oh man!!! They are the funniest kids. I wish my boys would do that, but then again they all sleep pretty well at night (except for the exception of our naughty ten year old!;) so I would probably take that, over them just dropping off and random spots :)