Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lani's date

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned we had begun dates with our kids again. We're lucky at the moment that we usually have time daily to spend with each of our kids. Job has finished school so he spends a lot of time teaching and playing with them, and I'm mum, so I'm always hanging around :) We are still loving the dates though, as they are extra special time!

Yesterday it was Lani's turn to have a date with her dear old dad ;) She really wanted to go on a picnic with Job but when they planned on leaving, it started to rain.

So they had an indoor picnic instead. Lani set out their special picnic food on her bed and waited for Job. She started on her smarties while she waited....

Special picnic food - Lani's favourites (Ham, strawberries, yoghurt and tiny teddies) The peanut slab belongs to the big peanut of the house..... (no, not me!!)

                                 Eating their chocolates first?!? - I'm sure that's not the way its done ;)

It was so cute to listen to them chatting away while they had their lunch together. Part of their conversation was about Lani possibly starting Gymnastics next year. She is already a little monkey who climbs and hangs off evrything, we think she'd be a great little gymnast. She is really excited to give it a go. It would be good for her confidence too. She also wants to play the violin, so we have been talking about her having lessons. Unfortunately since I can't play it, we'd have to find a teacher and pay for lessons. We'll also have to get a violin! Very exciting.....but very expensive. So we'll see, its all in the plans. Job spent the last part of the date showing Lani some clips on youtube of both gymnastics routines...and violin solos. They had such a nice time together. I was touched again by just how much our kids love that special time together with us.

                      Yesterday was Jobs priviledge to have special time with a special little girl....

                                .....and that special little girl treasured her time with her dad.


The Kings said...

So cute. What a bummer it rained, but so nice they still did it indoors.

Joe said...

inspiring tai-bos! we are going to start ourselves, thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Go family!