Monday, September 10, 2012

Calling on Heaven

I'm sure all parents and caregivers would agree with me that the faith of a child is one of the most beautiful privileges we can experience. When my kids need to call on the powers of heaven through a priesthood blessing or a prayer, they have no doubt that their Heavenly Father will answer them. Sometimes they expect their answer to come immediately and get a little impatient when their special belonging hasn't been found fast enough. But with a good mixture of faith and patience, they are able to see and feel Heavenly Fathers love for them as their answers come.
Today I felt a surge of gratitude to have the Priesthood in my home as my little girl asked her dad for a blessing. She has caught a virus off Lani and wasn't feeling very well this morning. My love for her seemed to grow even more when I heard her ask. I felt privileged to sit there watching and listening as Job blessed her to feel better soon. I can completely understand why the Saviour wept over his little ones when he visited the Nephites.
I thank God every night when I say my prayers, that he has entrusted me with these special spirits and ask him to help me to be a better mum in the morning. No matter how hard I try, they teach me so much more than I teach them.


Isabel said...

Hi there,
I am a reporter with The Examiner and am looking to write an article for this Sunday's Examiner on mum's who write blogs.
I was just wondering whether you might be interested in talking to me about your experiences, and getting a photo organised?
If you are in agreeance it would be great if I could talk with you on the phone.
Isabel Bird

Isabel said...

My email address is
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Isabel Bird

Nettie's Blog said...

Thank you Si Si...i wish i had thought of it sooner...(and a little child shall lead them)...i should have asked your Daddy to come and give me a blessing were kind enough to share your virus with me as well...just feeling better now...Love you and hope you are feeling better too. Nettie XXXXX