Friday, September 7, 2012

Our little book worms

For a little while now, I have been trying to come up with ideas to help Lani sleep better at night. JJ, Benny and Sisi all fall asleep as soon as they get to bed at 7.30pm but Lani has a lot of trouble nodding off at the same time. She hops in and out of bed and lays there talking to herself until around 9pm, sometimes a lot later. She just seems to have a different body clock to the rest of us (if I rememebr correctly from school, it's called a circadian rhythm) we all have different ones and Lani's seems to stop her from falling asleep at night.

Lani LOVES to read, she is our family bookworm. I suggested to Job that instead of insisting that she lay in bed, close her eyes and wait for sleep to overcome her (like I do every night) that we let her read instead. It hasn't been long enough yet to see if it works, but I'm hoping that reading will help her drift off when her body is ready.

Job bought her a head torch from Kmart so that she could read without turning the bedroom light on and disturbing Sisi.

Ironically enough, the day after Job got her torch, the bedroom light blew, so Lani has been sharing  her light with Sisi.

Lani has now read all the childrens books in the house. She was so excited when I took her to the library to get some new ones. She maxed out her library card and had to use Bennys for the excess. Job and I enjoyed watching the resulting ripples flow through the house as the other kids got stuck into their books with a vengance. Sisi made me laugh the most when I walked past the toilet yesterday and saw this:
'Puff the magic dragon' and 'Where's wally' are on the floor. She is reading an adult history book titled 'The last 2000 years.' Needless to say, she was on the toilet for a very long time :)

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