Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Small and Precious Moments

Having five children now means that my time with each child is stretched further than ever. Especially with a very time consuming newborn in the house. During the pregnancy I thought about this and tried to prepare myself mentally before hand, explaining to the kids that I may not have as much time for them as I previously have had. I also prepped them to expect a bit of grumpy mum here and there :)
I think what I have missed the most, is the little moments of connection with the older kids. I'm all about the little moments, and for me, they make or break the relationship. Of late, there are times when I'm just too exhausted to invest in that important moment in time, or I'm too distracted by my thoughts of what needs to be done next so that the house doesn't fall apart. One of the highlights of my day today, was having one of those special little moments with Sisi on the way home from the Rogers today....and it happened because I was present with her.....just for that small minute...

Sisi "Mum, where are we going?"

Me "We're going home baby, so I can make dinner and get ready for tomorrow." (we're off to Hobart in the

Sisi "What are we having for dinner?"

Me: "Toasted sandwhiches."

Sisi "Can I have Jam and Cheese in my one, and can I have 2,3,5,8,9?"

Me "You want to have 2?"

Sisi "2,3,8,9" (holding out her fingers one by one - how Sisi counts)

Me"Ok baby, you can have two......with Jam and Cheese?"

Sisi (starting to get a little impatient) "I said, Jam and Cheese!"

Me "Jam and Cheese??!" - now in a playful tone that she picks up on

Sisi (staring to laugh now) "Yes, Jam and Cheese!"

Me "...and milo?"

Sisi "Yes!" now she is rubbing her hands and squirming around with excitement.

Me " ...and marshmellows??!"

Sisi "Yes, yummy, I like that!"

We are both laughing now and taking turns saying 'yummy!'

Me "I love you baby."

Sisi "I love you too mum........I want to give you a kiss."

Me "You want to give me a kiss?"

Sisi "Yes, and a hug."

Me "Ok baby, when I stop the car you can give me a hug and a kiss."

I pull into the driveway where she undoes her seatbelt, climbs over onto my lap and gives me a kiss and a hug.

Sisi "Love you mum."  and then she runs off down the driveway to collect the mail.

JJ took these shots of us on the couch together today. We are laughing because Sisi is deliberately trying to blink when JJ takes the photo.

She loved me today because I made her toasted sandwhiches and milo with marshmellows. 
It's so nice when I remember that life can be simple.


Anonymous said...

You are so right, it is the small and simple things that sometimes means the most.
I love that you had a special moment with your little one.

Bless her little heart
Love Lorraine.

The Walshe Family said...

You've done it again, another loveable post. Thanks for reminding me on the things that matter most with my babies too.

Nettie's Blog said...

what am i going to miss in lesson time...Lucky least i have sharing time.... weeping and and excitement in one ya Sisi XXXX

Kym Rogers said...

you always make me cry!!!

The Kings said...

So beautiful. You're such a great Mum.