Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our 11 year wedding anniversary. I wanted to blog about it on the special day but I was too tired last night, by the time I organised some photos to stick up it was too late. I didn't want Kym kicking my butt too bad in the morning so I needed some shut eye! - So here's how the day went.....

I went for my morning run with my personal trainer (aka kymbo) got home and my lovely hubby gave me a shoulder massage. He offered to make me breakfast but since I just got home from a workout I only felt like a juice. While I was in the shower he juiced me some carrot, celery, apples and banana.

I was horrified when I got out and found him pushing the fruit down into the sharp blades tongan style (with his fingers) while catching the juice in the tiny bit of plastic designed for pushing the fruit into the machine..
He managed to keep all his fingers and made a healthy antioxident rich juice - great start to the morning!

I tried my best to say 'yum!!'
I'm so used to chocolate flavoured beverages, its just going to take a little while to adjust to the healthy stuff.

Sisi had some too...

But the main prize went to Job who drunk the lot....



       .....and apparently it gave him superpowers??

Then we had a visit from the Rogers (minus Joe who was at work) and they had a gift for us. Charlotte drew us a beautiful picture and Kym and Joe are shouting us a romantic dinner tonight at the gorge restaurant. I'm so excited, I can't wait. We get to go kid free - which means no Sisi! We never go anywhere without her because she carrys on something chronic, but Kym and Joe are happy to look after good luck to them!!
Then it was off to the gorge, one of our familys' favourite parts of tassie. I packed a heathy lunch of salad sandwiches and fruit and a little bit of unhealthy rocky road that we made with the kids the night before as our family home evening activity. 

Yum!! Feel like some right now, that stuff was good...I realised when I ate it that it was the first bit of chocolate I'd had for a whole me, that's HUGE!

The kids found a brand new track that we had never been down before and it led down to a beautiful clearing surrounded by trees, so we decided to eat lunch there.

                                                 This is us eating our rocky road

                                         We even got to share with some of the wildlife           

                                                Turns out Peacocks love grapes.               

After lunch we discovered another new track and followed it up to the top of an awesome lookout. I absolutely loved it, it was a great workout to get up there, luckily we brought the carrier for Sisi. The View from the top was amazing, we were nearly as high as the house on stilts I always look at. Everytime I look up at it, I hope an earthquake never hits the area.

Sisi fell asleep on the way back down, so we found a spot for her to rest while we played with the big kids.

A fruit snack and then home time. We are so blessed to have the gorge in the heart of the city. I first visited here on a trip over with my mum. I was pregnant with JJ at the time - eight years ago and remember the stuggle to get up the steep hills (so not much has changed) 

I made a healthy stir fry for dinner and Job made the same face I made when I drunk the juice. We added some sweet chilli sauce to help disguise the taste.
The finale of the day was our cake. We wanted to have some sort of celebration with the kids but didn't want to ruin our efforts of healthy eating......

                                         so we had our first watermelon cake.

The kids had a turn to blow out the candels.            Turns out watermelon cake is a hit!
Great day. Still can't believe 11 years have come and gone. They've been full of highs and lows. Here's hoping that the next 11 years will bring more highs and not so many lows - and maybe another bub;)

Here's a look back...
                                                           and here we are today.


The Kings said...

oh look how cute you both were!! :) Well done on the new healthy eating and exercising! If you don't mind ginger a nice juice is carrot, celery, apple and a little bit of fresh ginger in it - it's different but very refreshing.
Congrats on your anniversary! Sounds like a perfect day at a perfect place - Tassie is beautiful hey :)

The Tais said...

Awww, beautiful blog sis!! Love the ending.

Kudos to you guys for being such a shining example of Eternal Marriage!

It's made me excited to get to that mark, now:)

Launceston Weeden Family said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Cute photo of the wedding day. Looks like you had a great day out with the family, and watermelon cake sounds like a perfect thing to eat on a health kick!

Littlefoot said...

Love the blog... congrats!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU BEAUTIFUL COUPLE YOU... love the healthy juice ..i must get my juicer out too... all packed away in the storage... not for much long though... we too love the Gorge...yes we are so lucky to have it right in the centre of our city... and with such friendly wildlife too.

The Walshe Family said...

You guys make me smile, happy anniversay.