Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taispot - We have a blog!!

Welcome to the world of blogging! - Why thank you very much :)
Took you long enough! - I've been busy
Doing what - eating chocolate??! - Yep

Does it look like I'm having a conversation with myself? Sound a bit like the biggest loser? Well alot of my life could be taken from that show. Only yesterday morning I was attempting a light jog with my sister and told her I was getting puffed only to be rebuked with 'suck it up!' No sympathy during the biggest loser series...and no excuses!!!
So, in the theme of 'no excuses' here I am finally writing my first ever blog entry in our first ever blog - I named it Taispot - pronounced, not Tais....pot! Knowing me it may change appearance a few hundred times before I'm completely happy with it, and then some more when I get bored of it, but hey I'm beginning. So can wait, and friends and family who I haven't written back to yet...- you know I love you, but I'm hopeless at keeping in touch, and kids.......go watch a movie :)  Just kidding, they're all in bed (all 8 of them, 4 tais, 4 rogers) So here's to my first blog entry which has pretty much covered nothing in particular. (Gee, can't wait for the next lot of ramblings)


The Kings said...

Awesome!!! I'm excited!! Welcome to the blogging world :) So you guys are living back at the Rogers again!? Hope you find a place soon. xx

Launceston Weeden Family said...

How funny! Yes house work can wait blogging is great as family and friends can all know what's going on at the same time and not get upset that you never told them. Looking forward to hearing more of your conversations to your self :)

Joe said...

Living back at our house? No chance, our kids are having sleep overs at the Tais. Love your blob Leona one Kenobi! Super :)

Wheeler Team said...

Hi Leona, off to a good start! had a laugh, especially the line under your family photo, which i love:)

leetai said...

Wow, I was so excited to see 4 comments - thanks guys. Thanks for the Welcome Lisa K, hope I can keep up with it all..We're in our own place now - another rental, we moved just over a week ago, so the roger kiddies have been here for the last few nights, and the whole family is staying over tonight....must be payback! Thanks Ange and Lisa W - I thought I should choose a photo that is true to us, we dont have many where we're all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time, they pretty much all turn out like this :) And Joseph, I'm touched that you love my blob, I've grown quite find of it too, but as I haven't spent the last week doing morning runs for nothing....the blob has to go! ;)

che carina! said...

dang it..i thought i left a comment on here :S love it hun..welcome to the i can't find you on facebook then i'll try here ;D.

thanks for the photo album love too. look forward to reading more of your tasmanian adventures xx