Sunday, February 6, 2011

We made Sacrament!

We have been existing in another time zone now for the last 6 weeks - the sort of zone that puts your body clock out by a couple hours. I blame NZ. We were there just before Christmas.....maybe jetlag can hang around for a while... Anyway, due to the jetlag, we hadn't yet made a sacrament meeting in time for the sacrament. We vowed each week to make it, and each week we got closer. Last Sunday I refused to be late and ran inside the chapel door just in time for the last line of the sacramant hymn. In my hurry I left half of the kids behind. We all forgot about Sisi so Job ran back out to the carpark to get her. Well today we arrived 6 mins early! We were quite proud of ourselves. Turns out Saturday really is a special day. I ironed all the clothes and prepared some quite activities for the kids to play with during the meeting. It made all the difference. Sunday morning was smooth and breezy, even with the extra 5 Rogers around for the morning. I even remembered that Lani had a primary talk (another first) We wrote it out and practiced it at home. Last time she gave a talk she stood there trying to disappear into my neck while I gave it for her. Today she did the whole lot, nice and loud, and only sunk back into my arms toward the end.

                                                 Go Lani, my cute little girl.

Lani has really grown this last 12 months here is Tas. She has a wonderful primary teacher who she adores. Our house is filled with beautiful things that Sister Amanda has made for both her and Benny in class.

                 Chelsea gave the scripture today with some help from mum

But what impressed me the most was the way that two of my kids and my niece sat up the front, nice and attentive, showing reverence toward their primary president who was doing her best to discuss this months theme...

Sorry Lisa! :)  I'm sure they were listening.........on the inside.


Nettie's Blog said...

Yeah...welcome to the world of blog...L...great to have you here in blogger space with all of us...i will be checking you out regularly...(maybe i can do my VT here too) just joking!!!!!!

Wheeler Team said...

Haha, thanks Leona, I'm sure they were listening on the inside too :)
Sounds great how you got organised on Saturday and it made all the difference!

Littlefoot said...

Bahahahaha!!!! I love it. Welcome to blog-o-shere!
love lots Bek

The Tais said...

lol@I'm sure they were listening on the inside.. Crack up!

Go Lani!!