Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sprints and Burpees

I didn't know what burpees were either until yesterday morning. Kym informed me they're an exercise the contestants often do on the biggest loser (so hopefully you're like 'oh' and not thinking 'der!') at my new found knowledge. Watching the biggest loser gives us so much motivation to be healthier. Its the perfect time to begin a new lease on life in the fat lane.
When we lived with the Rogers, Job and I experienced our first 'biggest loser season frenzie' of frantic night exercising and attemps at healthier eating. Gone went the chocolate biscuits and milo while watching TV. Gone were the fattening dinners. Gone were the late night trips to Woolies to stock up on whatever chocolate and ice cream they had on special. Living with 3 other adults, it was very hard to eat all the yummy fattening stuff, otherwise you suffered public stoning.......or were accused of the one sabotaging the others efforts as they were forced to join the binge! We even had a poster on the back of the bathroom door titled 'Winter Challenge' showing our weekly weight losses, gains and plateaus. Actually we were all pretty dismal at that effort. We lost some baggage in the first week or two and then had 10 more weeks of plateau :)

But this is a new season.

Kym and I have been going for morning walks/jogs for a week now. I walk to her place and pick her up, then we power walk to the footy oval together.

On the first morning when she jogged two full laps, I told her I'd catch up next year some time. I honestly couldn't envisage myself doing anything that slightly revealed running for the next month at least. Turns out the very next day I managed to jog half a lap. Not much I know - but big for me! I have been inceasing the length daily so now I can jog an entire lap. I walk for a quarter lap and then do another 3/4 lap - so I'm getting close to the two. Kym warms up by jogging along side of me, coaching me on to run further and further with a mixture of comments like 'you can do it' 'you're nearly there' 'no excuses!' and my personal favourite 'suck it up!' I'm usually too preoccupied with the challenge of breathing to reply. So once I just about collapse in a heap, she runs on.
This morning was a different story.
I walked to Kyms as usual but the house was all quiet and locked up. I realised she was still asleep. I wished I'd brought the key so I could haul her butt out of bed (the way she did mine the other morning she slept over) I tried knocking on the bedroom window, but no response. I didn't bring the mobile and so decided that I would have to go it partially alone today. Not completely alone as I had Benny. He came on his scooter. So off we went. We were nearly at the oval when I heard yelling behind me. Turns out it was a funny day to bring the camera.

                            Here she comes! (About time she got out of bed!)

She told me she was exhausted from running all the way to catch up to us she wasn't sure if she could run the laps of the oval. 'Suck it up' I said :)
So we got to the oval and off we went, after the first lap we saw Benny standing there with the camera. Kym tried to take off to get a shot of her ahead of me.

As if I was going to let her show me up on what I knew were going to be pictures for my new blog!

                                                Suck it up Kymbo!

We had decided yesterday that we would do sprints and burpees today. So to the middle of the ground for sprints...

                          Come on Kymbo, you can do it! - no excuses!


More sprints....where's Kym?!!

Ths final burpees.....Kyms consequence for her terrible performance, two extra burpees!!

Kym: 'I'm so tired today.'
Me: 'Suck it up!'
Kym: 'You're getting on my nerves!'

Maybe I said 'Suck it up' one too many times this morning.


Launceston Weeden Family said...

Well done guys! Yes watching Biggest Looser is motivational and makes you think if they can do it so can I! Keep it up!

The Kings said...

Wow!!! Going great with the blog posts Leona!! Nothing like The Biggest Loser to motivate you hey :) you were brave having the results up on the toilet door last year! Good on you for running each morning. I'm sure you'll see great results if you keep it up.

leetai said...

Thanks girls - you are both so inspirational, hopefully I'll be closer to your fitness level in a few months?! Its weigh in this morning, so we'll see if those burpees have done some good :)

Nettie's Blog said...

that is so funny you two...i am definately not coming for a walk with you two of a morning when we get out there in April... but i do need to get back into my fitness routine again...i have started the morning walks with the dog and i have upped the speed now from a stroll to a walk...but i need more PF floor exercises before i run or jog(might have left that too late too!!!)

Lisa Prebble said...

So cool....wish I lived in your town.....nah not really.....but if I did I'd come and run with you two every morning....I need some tough people to keep me going also....Lizzie's not a morning girl, so when school starts back she says she'll come with me and run after school. Well done girls!!

The Tais said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm laughing hard out at these pictures. I can imagine the pressure being on Ben, 'TAKE IT NOW BEN! TAKE IT NOW!'.. lol.. And then a slow jog while the cameras off.. Too funny!

Keep blogging!

leetai said...

haha....shoosh Lois, don't give away family secrets (like you running around the block as far as john can see you) hahaha! - Nettie you have to come with us, Mariah is going to join us too. I know what you mean about pelvic floors - I tried some star jumps last night!!!
Lisa, anytime you wnat to head our way (maybe with your hubby in the mornings??) we'll be here. You'd run rings around us!