Friday, February 18, 2011

Paintwork on the Walls

Earlier today I thought I wouldn't have to worry about blogging tonight - but then my girls were so cute this afternoon that I had to make a record of it. Especially since it was Sisi's first experience with paint - can you believe she's made it to 2 and a 1/2 without ever painting?!?! Poor deprived child. Job took the boys out to play tennis after school and Lani asked if we could do something special together. She chose painting. Simple enough - and fun, we love to paint. In the old days, our painting sessions would end in pain fights, followed by a big bubble bath. I should see if I can find a picture.....

haha, can't believe I found it..

I was tempted to put a pic of the bubble bath up too, but its a bit too revealing, I'm sure no one wants to see quite that much of me!

Ok. Moving on!

So here they are..

See...Aren't they cute??

and here's mine (yes, ok, I may sell it to the highest bidder)

Lani and I were all done, but Sisi had no interest in stopping. She painted for ages. Her piece of paper became darker and darker..
and yes she spilled half of that black water in her bowl all over the floor.

Her clothes also became blacker and blacker. I decided it was bubble bath time. I had trouble luring her away from the table. I had to take advantage of her distaste for dirt. "Look at your dirty hands!" I said. Worked like a charm. I went to run the bath.........

...I think you may know the rest...

....there is no photo as I was too busy trying to get a paint covered two year old into the bath without any part of her paint covered body touching anything - then trying to wash all the paint of the two walls and the floor before she climbed out of the bath and returned to slip and slide in it. She did some decorating while I was busy getting her bubble bath ready.



The Tais said...

Awww, cute! I should get our paints out again.

You have nice weather there though. Our aircon is most of the day, so the paints would dry up really quickly.

John & Sisi got along so well cos they both hate dirt. We made calendars again, and theres a pic of John and Sisi at JJs baptism. Pol always think she's mine cos she's such so brown in the photo.

Okay, next blog:)

The Tais said...

And I love your new place!! Looks choice, Sis!