Monday, February 4, 2013

Good Memories

When we went to Sydney to spend Christmas with Jobs family, we had so much fun. I asked the kids afterwards what they're favourite part of the holiday was and they couldn't decide. While we were there we went to Luna Park and I was sure that it would have been the highlight of the trip, but I think the kids enjoyed just hanging out at home with their cousins the most. I feel the same, I enjoyed every day of our 10 (or so) days in a three bedroom townhouse with 24-26 family members!
I have a handful of Sydney blogs to do but I'm going to start with the family photos at the temple :) I'm smiling now just thinking of that night. Anytime you try to get a good photo that involves more than a couple of kids, you can bet its going to be interesting. (Especially when there's a Benny and a Sumo in the family!)

     We started with a family photo. We tried to get the kids to sit normally but this is a 'normal' as we get :)

Then we took shots of the Tais in all their varieties. I'm not a fan of 'look at the camera and say cheese' photos so these are my favourite shots - they may not be anyone elses! lol. I like these photos as they reflect the fun that we had together :) - don't ask me what John is doing??! I'm guessing he's trying to be old skool?

Johns head is in the bottom left of all our photos of the Tai women, lol. It's not so much that he has a big head but that Job was holding Tanky who was grizzling and grabbing the camera - which is also why the picture is blurry!

Once we'd finished taking photos on the bench, we moved to the front of the temple. We started with the kiddies.....and um, Uncle John...?!

I love the sequence in these photos......scroll down.

Sisi continues to get squashed

Add the two babies
...and Benny does Gangnam style!

Grandma and Grandpa

And the whole family (except Jobs younger brother Eric)

We finished taking photos and were socialising when we heard a 'crack!'

We turned around to see that Sumo had broken Grandpas chair, lol. I was just relieved it wasn't one of our kids - for once! - I mean, Shame John, what do you teach your daughter at home?!

                  We checked out the nativity scene while my boys turned themselves into....reindeer?

Who knows, but the kids had fun. Benny made himself a grass/leaf skirt and got upset with Ally when he thought she took one of his leaves! 

It looks like Sisi and Indi are playing but really Sisi is squashing her and wont get off. 

We hung around chatting and laughing for a while....until  John decided it was time to go home ;)

Great night,

Great time,

Great family

and Great memories.

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Nettie's Blog said...

yes totally priceless memories there Leona.... such a fun filled family...the kids will remember that always..especially the Temple...XXXX