Thursday, February 21, 2013

Please stop growing!

Have I mentioned before that my kids are growing WAY too fast for my liking?!
Obviously the growing spurt is most obvious with Teancum who is crawling all over the place now.
I love how kids go through phases of doing something particularly cute. Sometimes I'm glad to see the end of a phase when its not so particularly cute - like Sisi's latest statement of the month "Shut up your bum bum!" or the variation "Shut up your bum bum - willy!"
I must have around 100 or so photos of Tanky with his mouth wide open, about to devour someones face. Usually its one of us, but occasionally he's tried to eat a friend, or stranger who's been close enough for him to grab. He's been doing it for so long now. It's a phase I really enjoy and I dont want him to grow out of it. 
I doubt Lani does either, especailly as she is the prime recipient.

Unfortunately for us he is already 8 months old.  I know a tooth must be just around the corner.

                     I dont imagine anyone will be letting him bite their faces then! :(

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Haini and Milika said...

He is sooo cute!! My niece is 7 months and no one wants her biting their faces lol she has 7 teeth I think.. Beautiful family :) love you all