Friday, February 1, 2013

More moments with washing

Finding and dedicating time to catch up on our family blog is still continuing to elude me at the moment. I'm looking forward to being able to blog about the last month....and I hope to very soon :)

I sat down at the computer today to download some photos (with the intention of preparing them for the blog) I had given Lani and Sisi the job of orgainsing the clean washing into piles. We had a pretty huge pile today - okay, if I am being honest, when is it not huge?!

We got home from a week of camping yesterday (blog to come) and Job and I have managed to wash and dry the 'campfire smoke smell' off just about our entire collection of blankets (we need to invest in sleeping bags) as well as a heap of towels and clothes.

So I was sitting at the computer with tanky on my lap, perusing through some photos not really paying much attention to the girls chatter beside me. Then the sound of Sisi's cute little voice made me stop. I heard her saying to Lani "You're so pretty Lani, this is making you beautiful."

I looked over to see Lani sitting cross leggged trying her best to sort the washing while Sisi (who was wearing a pair of undies on her head) pulled Lanis hair in different directions. I realised this had been going on for a while and was instantly overcome with an intense love for the both of them.

I love this picture as Sisi believes true beauty is wearing your hair behind your ears.

Eventually Lani got a bit tired of the hair pulling and told Sisi to stop. Sisi couldn't understand how making her sister beautiful could be construed as uncomfortable..

Sisi couldn't help but dress up in my clothes. This isn't the first blog I've done on my kids and washing. She put my jumper on the wrong way and looked ridiculous. Lani and I couldn't stop laughing. Tanky wasn't sure what to make of her. He recognised her voice but couldn't relate to the ghostly figure.

                                        Sisi, you're such a cute little nut. No wonder I love you.

I'm glad there will always be washing to sort and I'm glad to have noticed my girls sweet personalities during what is usually a mundane task. I was also grateful just for the fact that I noticed. I used to see my children often....really see and soak in their cute little persons but since the birth of tanky and the sleepless nights, I've been struggling to connect with each of them as often. Most days its a task just to get the simple things done and life seems to be more like completeing a mental check list of things to do rather than enjoy the time doing them. I wanted this moment with my girls to last for longer so we made some cookies together - they love to cook.

-Oh and by the way, here's how the sorted washing looked. There's individual piles in there somewhere!

I made up a biscuit recipe with what we had in the cupboard - nothing fancy....
When I cook something for Lani from scratch, I need to weigh and measure everything so I can work out the carbs, in this case per biscuit. Its often a bit tricky but we were lucky that the portions of ingredients we had weighed worked together. It doesnt always work out so well.

By this stage I started wondering where my boys were. I looked out of the kitchen window to find them on the trampoline with their good buddy and neighbour Louis.

Everyone enjoyed a fresh cookie once they were baked - even Louis got one :) In out house, you can't have biscuits without milk.
 I just did Lani's BSL (Blood Sugar Level) We always test before she eats and then a couple of hours afterward. Her levels are good, meaning amoungst other things that I got the carb counting right for this recipe :)

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Nettie's Blog said...

oh how i love LOVE you posts always manage to make even a pile of washing look like the most amazing adventure in the world of a child...i would look at that huge pile and want it away....and then you left it and made cookies...the best mother ever award goes to ya XXXXX