Thursday, February 7, 2013

School is back on!

Where did the holidays go???

They flew by so fast.

I can't believe we have a grade 5 this year, that means only two more years until high hoo! I need to stand on my kids heads and stop them from growing. Actually JJ will be taller than me soon. Crazy...

And Sisi started kinder today!! She was so gorgeous. Benny helped her get ready this morning
The bigger kids started back at school two days ago, but we thought we'd wait for Sisi to start before we took photos. Here's the kiddies this morning...

 Sisi was very proud of her new school bag. I love how Lani did her hair. You can't tell from the picture but her bandana is inside out. I guess it matched the straps on her bag - twisted and inside out :)

We walked the kids to school. The boys went on ahead with Louis while the girls stayed with us.

We never have to ask Lani to look after her younger siblings. She just does it. Her and Sisi chatted to eachother as they walked hand in hand the whole way there. I walked behind them saying repeatedly to Job "Aren't they cute?....Sisi is so cute!" She was suddenly a mature little school girl. Very different the the usual little four year old that runs all over the place when we walk to school.

Lani has a teacher who is brand new to the school and fresh out of uni. She is lovely and happy to look after Lani's diabetes needs. Lani was a bit embarrassed today during her music class when I tested her levels. She hid behind the dividers at the back of the classroom. She has never hidden her diabetes before so I am hoping its all part of getting back into the swing of school. Her teacher is going to read the same book Mrs Atckins read last year to the class. I think it will help her to feel accepted  by her new class mates.

Benny has one of  JJ's old teachers this year. He is also one of our friends from church. Benny has been enjoying the games and magic tricks they have been doing in class.

JJ's also very happy. He has a great teacher and has all but one of his mates in his class. One of the things I love about JJ is that I can always kiss him hello and goodbye in front of his friends - and he kisses me back

It was nice to walk all the kids to their classrooms again today. The most exciting part of the morning though was having Sisi with us. The big kids wished they could come with us to drop her off but her kinder begins just after school starts. The kinder is attached to the school so we only had to walk next door. She bumped into the Rogers this morning too and had some pre kinder hugs and kisses.

When we arrived at kinder, she looked for her name on the welcome poster. The teacher then helped her find her bag spot and showed her where to put her fruit. She kept saying to me "I don't want you to go mum."

       She settled down at the play dough table and once we thought she was happy enough we said goodbye.

Job and I then enjoyed the walk back much quieter than we're used to without Sisi :)

We did some shopping and lunchtime came around so quickly. We went and picked up Sisi together as it was her first day. We were eager to see how she went without me. Our older kids all cried for the first few months of kinder so I had no expectations that Sisi would be comfortable straight away. I asked the staff to call me if she became too upset.....but she was fine! Better than fine. She had a great time. She ran out to me with a huge smile on her face.

Good on you Sisi. We are so proud of you and the big girl you are becoming.

Even big kinder kids still need a rest.....and so do kinder dads it seems :)


Anonymous said...

And again, I will tell you how cute I think your kids are, and I love how they love each other.
Loved the pictures.
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

oh how cute SiSi is glad the transition to school is a good one for her...must say i think the teacher is gorgeous too...they all look glad to be going back to school .. sorry Leona wont have much luck standing on their heads to stop them growing....but you have taught them well and LOVED them ..and that is why they run to you with open arms after school...LOVED XXXX

The Walshe Family said...

What an awesome post, and I loved the photos. I like how you said Lani doesn't wait to be asked to help with the little ones, that she just does it. I feel the same about my Pouey. Aren't older sister such gems?
5 kiddies Leona, wow! Glad for this world of blogging to stay connected x

Anonymous said...

That last picture of Siope and Sisi is ADORABLE!! My little sister Lisia just walked past and asked 'Is that girls name Lisia too?' Guess she remembers. Love you all xo