Friday, April 29, 2011

And then there were two.

This blog is for Kymbo. She and her clan have been in Melbourne all week and she wanted to check up on what Mariah and I have been up to. (Probably making sure we haven't been slacking off!)

We were camping for the first two days of the week. We didn't manage to do any formal workout, but there were bike rides, toliet climbing!

We didn't have a photographer for our mornings back at the oval. Mariah and I had to take turns taking photos of eachother. These are from Thursday morning. I loved what Mariah had planned as it included lots of boxing - my fav. We did two laps warm up (and yes, I jogged the whole way) and then boxing exercises incorporated with running. After Mariah did her boxing and running she took her jumper off. I knew I had to grab the camera then as its not that often she gets that puffed!

Then we did those sit ups where we sat opposite each other and passed the medicine ball between ourselves. This is me trying to demonstrate.....with myself....

We thought you'd be proud of our ab work.

This was the scene on the way home after I'd said goodbye to Mariah, we've had bit of fog this week (and a little frost)

And this is us when you were in America. I never found the time to put the blog up but this is the morning that Mariah had us chasing eachother around the play equipment. Needless to say she caught me. I didn't quite catch her - I even tried to use Benny to get in her way, but she's a little speedy.

We miss you and are looking forward to our workouts next week. I hope you are getting Tonis butt moving!

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The Kings said...

It's so good you have a work out buddy (and trainer) and I'm very impressed that you do it so early. I can never get motivated to do it that early, or to do it outside.