Friday, April 1, 2011

School Fair and Cakes!

How much fun are school fairs?! My kids and the rest of the primary school have been looking forward to this afternoon for the last few weeks. We hoped and prayed throughout the day that it wouldn't rain. Turned out that it did for a little while, but it didn't dampen spirits at all. Benny and Lani decided that they wanted to enter the cake competition. I wasn't sure exactly what it entailed. I figured the judging would be on the most well presented/creative cake but it ended up being on the best tasting. If I had have known, we would have put a bit more effort into the mixture! It was fun putting them together anyway. Benny chose to do a dragon cake and Lani a butterfly. I helped a lot with Lani but Benny did nearly the entire cake on his own. We put them together over two days.


Don't mind Benny pulling up his pants in the background-and yes, Sisi has had a lot of sugar the last 24 hours!

The Final Result..

Once the cakes were done, it was off to the fair. Since the weather wasn't so crash hot, we figured it best to start with a ride each, hoping to get one in before the rain hit. Lani and Benny had a pony ride

The guy asked if we wanted to put Sisi on next to Benny. She was so cute. Benny knows she gets scared easily so he looked after her. She sat composed throughout the ride until she got back to me and then burst into cute.

                                                                Lani loves animals

Gunny went on the jumping castle and down the big slide (that's him in the brown hood)
                                                                           Go Gunny!!
My boys went on the cars. They loved it at first....until they crashed. Afterward they look a little cautious, lol.

By this time the rain was getting heavier so we headed over to the stalls where there was a little cover. Our Stake President teaches at our school and he had his photo stands out. We had him take a few pictures. I'll have to put them up when we get them. Benny's class organised a table of jars. Benny paid $2 and picked out a ticket. It corresponded with a jar. He got a jar of he was more than happy. Here he is with his two teachers.

Thanks to mum who emptied out her purse and gave the kids all her spare change, they had enough money for a ride or two and a showbag.

JJ helped out in his class stall with his mate Callum. They even had a visitor from Star Wars.

Once we'd had a good look around and listened to some good live music in the hall, we headed home so Job could get ready for work. I took a couple of pics when we got home since Benny got second place for his cake - he's not really sad, just being a dag.

I'm not sure what happened with Lani's cake, it was completely untouched which means it mustn't have been judged in the competition. I told her they missed tasting her cake and she said "That's good mum, means there's more for us!"

One last look before they got stuck in



The Kings said...

WOW - those cakes are awesome!!!! Looks so fun. We love school fairs too.

Launceston Weeden Family said...

Budding cake decorators in the making! Great cakes I am very impressed :) I love school fairs they are so much fun!

Nettie's Blog said...

oh wow fantasic job of those cakes kids.... i wish i had known about the Fair ...i would sure love to have come...( i wonder if they would have let me on that fabulous jumping castle slide???)