Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The wonderful world of Lego.

Hello Blog! Remember me?!

Tonights blog entry is completely for my boys.

My two boys and I share the common love of lego. We love to build things. Benny especially takes great pride in his creations and is forever asking Job to get the camera out and take some pictures. Over the last few years we have built up a pretty good collection of lego. The birthday before we moved over here I got a medievil town centre and loved it. The boys have had fire and police stations, star wars ships, planes....I'm trying to think of all the others - if they were awake right now they could tell me the lot. None of the original collections are still standing but that's okay. The boys love to create new things everyday with pieces from all the different structures. We often talk about how our dream house would have a lego room, totally dedicated to a big lego city (and maybe even a lego garden in the backyard.)

All the following pictures are courtesy of my hubby, I've had nothing to do with these ones. Thank goodness he was always willing to get the camera out whenever Benny asked. I have chosen a few from the past couple of weeks.

J.Js' desk

                      The colourful tubs hold all the lego. JJ has organised them all into different drawers

                                        Not lego, but I thought Benny might like to see it on here.

Love the swordfighting

We did this one together. I was trying to make them a dojo. Ended up being half dojo, half castle.

                                                          This one is seriously making me hungry!

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Maria said...

the boys have done well with their building...so has their mummy