Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cadbury Catchups

Today was a good day.

Three blocks of chocolate arrived in the mail box!

I know I'm meant to be eating better....but this is all Lisa Kings' fault.

A few weeks ago I saw one of Lisas status updates on facebook about Cadbury Catchups. I don't pay much attention to marketing when I'm shopping so I didn't even notice until I saw her update, that if you bought a block of chocolate, you could have another posted to your house...for free!  (This is not the first time she has been a bad influence.....there were also half price tim tams at Woolies!)

So that means I must have bought three blocks of chocolate in the same week.....well..


I sent them to Job and the kids. I was going to send one to the Rogers but I thought it would come when they were in America. I asked Toni if she wanted one and she said 'No Way!' (Bet you want one now hey tuz?!)
I sent one to Job, one to the three bigger kids to share and one to Sisi. Obviously Sisi can't eat the whole block. Luckily I'm there to help.

      I love Lani's face when she discovers what's in the mail box (and yes, the house we're renting is for sale....again)  Another move.
                                                     Lani goes in to see if there's anymore..
                                          Haha, Benny trying to read out the recipient
                                                      Sisi wants to know where hers is
    Happy happy, Joy joy. To those who frequent my blog, I feel I should clarify that I only have four children. There is often a Roger in there somewhere.

                                                                      The good life. 
                                           Seriously, there better be chocolate in Heaven.


Nettie's Blog said...

why didnt i see that post on the buy one get one free Cabury's Chocolate?????
perhaps because i really dont need it....

The Kings said...

hahahaha!! I just about fell of my chair when I read this and that it was MY fault!!! I think we've had about 6 free blocks and I was kind and sent one to my brother in Sydney as well :) You just can't pass up a free block of chocolate OR half price tim tams :)
I'll try to be a good influence from now on - I think you should join the gym and come with me! :)