Sunday, April 3, 2011

A day at the farm (Especially for Kym and Joe)

Note to anyone else having a peep - This blog is huge. Kym and Joe are away in America so I have included heaps of photos and a video of the kids. It may put anyone besides family members to sleep. You have been warned.



Yesterday we took a small day trip to the Smiths farm (a lovely couple in our ward) Of all the places I've seen so far in Tassie, Lillydale is definitely one of my favourites. We went to the farm 3 or so weeks ago with the Rogers and thought it would be the perfect place to take the kiddies back to. Toni was extra excited because Les said he'd take her out for a horse ride. I didn't go along this time out of fear that Job and mum would divorce me if I didn't help look after the kids. The kids started the morning off with a turn each on the swing

The other kids found lots of things to occupy themselves with while they waited for the swing

Benny gives Parchie a lift to help him better see the horses

Oh yeah, we brought Big Boy (our dog) He was so well behaved with all the animals. This horse in particular was quite facinated with him.

Charlotte did some dressing up
And Lani nearly took out Big boy on the swing!

The lunch ladies
                                           Up close and personal with Little Red Riding Hood

                                           After lunch the girls laze around and have a chat..

While the big kids have sword fights.

Having a chat with Nana

                                               Time to go for a ride! Les brings the horses up the hill

                                                                Toni waves goodbye...
                                    while Lani and Chelsea have their nana chat (they have lots of these)

After Toni and Les left for their ride, we took the kids back down the hill for a walk around the beautiful gardens. Heather told them they could pick some nashis. They were so excited. I kept having to tell them to stop calling Sister Smith the 'nashi lady.'

                                        Can you spot Sisi??   She faceplanted into the grass
 Don't worry Rogers, Job was only driving 60km/h ;)

Charlotte did some more dressing up

And the big kids tormented the dog

                                                          Luckily he loves the attention

                                            I think Parchie may need another hair cut :)  

I thought it would be a good time to make a short video for Kym and Joe


Then I came back from my ride. I mean, Toni came back! (Tuz you gotta stop looking like the rest of us)

                                                         Toni says hello to Sammy.....with some thriller moves?!

Parchie has a tantrum because he's not allowed in the car.

I'm sure I've seen those shoes somewhere before.

Heather came over to say Hello and spend some time with us.
                                               What a beautiful face. I hope I age this well!

Heather finds herself outnumbered...

                          ...and she's off. It's the height of rudeness to be pushed off your own bathtub!!
                                                               Ben must be funny :)

                                                           Parchie has a push

The Mafia. 


Not sure what's going on here

What a goodlooking pair ;)

More goodlooking people..

Hee hee hee..

Sisi looks so much like her other cousin Indi here.

The gorgeous Smith couple
                                                                With their baby - Fern
                                                How beautiful are these two..

Good opportunity for Mum to have a picture with all her grandchildren - shame Dad wasn't there too.

The little ones

It was such a great day at the Smiths' farm. I hope Toni and Mum had as much fun as we did. I'm not sure what the trip home was like for them, but for us it was pure bliss!


The Walshe Family said...

I love this - and I now know where i can find me some fabulous babysitters when we jetset!

Toni said...

hahaha, love the trip home, our three boys passed out but the three girls were awake and singing the whole way home. love the shots lug, haha specially the one of me pulling a quosimodo face (is that how you spell it?) your right, Lilydale is gorgeous and the most beautiful ride I've ever been on. will definetely have to come back for another visit next time Im down this way.

The Kings said...

What a fantastic day! I bet Kym and Joe will LOVE seeing this. I LOVE all the photos, especially the ones with Heather in them - beautiful.

Nettie's Blog said...

great pics there Leona....what a lovely day at the Smiths paradise...they have truly made it a little oasis out there...

Maria said...

Secret... Dads all excited about coming to Tassie again after him seeing the pics & after me raving about Lilydale. There are lots of beautiful places round about. Another 2 years or so tho'. I just love the last pic the most