Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And then there were 'still' two..

This one is for my poor sister who yesterday missed the boat back to Tassie. I'm glad she has mum and Toni to look after her and the kids for another week (although knowing her, that's probably playing out the other way around :))

So Kymbo, here are a couple of shots of Mariah and I yesterday. There was lots of fog again. We started off having races up the hill on Fairlough street. One on the bike and one on foot. We did that 4 times - and whoever was on the bike won. We tried to make it fair by having the bike start back closer to the school but the cyclist still caught the runner, oh and Mariah cheated!!  :)  

(maybe I did too)

Then we headed to the traintracks and chased eachother. That was fun as it wasn't as easy as straight running. We had to step on each sleeper, so the steps were closer together and we had to move our legs quickly. Mariah really did cheat on this one, lol.

After I gave myself a mini heart attack from the running, we took a photo of eachother running on the tracks:

You can't tell that we're trying to step on each sleeper, I should have taken a video... that would have been funny.

Anyway, now you have another week to whip Toni's young bootie into shape :) You know you should take photos too. We would love to see what you and Tuz (and mum!) have been up to. xo

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Joe said...

trains drive on those tracks you know!