Monday, May 23, 2011

Hook, Line and Sinker!

No its not just a metaphor, we really went fishing over the weekend. The Rogers and us (minus Job who had to study) drove up to Liawenee to join in with the other mad Tasmanians who brave the cold to go and see some Trout. I go mainly in ignorance of what the whole day is about.....I care only that its a fun day out with the family and my kids get to catch a fish! This year we actually saw a guy milk the fish, he squeezes them and the eggs pop out. He assured everyone that its not painful for the fish but actually quite a relief to have them out after so long - I can relate to that!! Much like doing a big poo perhaps...

So here we are waiting in line for a chance to snag a trout

Apologies for not playing around with the photos and making them pretty. Its Bennys birthday tomorrow and I'm behind in blogs so I'm just chucking the photos up tonight with not much improvement to them..

    While most of the kids sat on the fence waiting, Parchie passed the time playing drums on dads head

Once we got in, JJ was lucky enough to get hold of a line that already had a fish on the end. The volunteers weren't reeling them in by the bucket load, it was taking quite a while to catch a trout, many children went home without one. We hoped to get at least one per family. I was relieved when JJ got one....

   Lani waited patiently, but nothing for her...

   ....until Kym called her over to the Rogers spot where their guy was catching them by the minute. He was there last year and we were lucky then also as he helped most of the kids catch a fish.
So with Kyms help at the net, Lani caught her first fish.

 Sisi wasn't interested in stroking the fish. She was happy just to look.

    Then it was Bennys turn. He didn't catch anything where we were so I sent him over to Kym as well.


   Charlotte and her fish. In the background is the news crew that were trying to shoot the story. Our kids got in the way a couple of times.

                                           Here are the kids last year with their fish

                                     ....and this year....we decided to leave the fish in their bags :)

The kids found a really big fish to pose with.

And a fun looking mural fish...thingy to poke their faces out of

                             Then we took some family shots before heading back home

                                                      The Kids last year..

And now..

I was telling Benny off for not co operating for the photo, he was being grumpy..

Then The Policeman came over and suddenly he's happy as Larry!

He's lovely, we met him last year also

We stopped on the way home to take a few photos too....the scenery was beautiful but it was freezing!

Poor Chelsea is freezing and Charlotte is such a nutter.......wonder where she gets if from...

                                           ....she must get it from somewhere....

                      And of course a day trip wouldn't be complete for Benny....

....without bringing home a rock.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, the kids made it onto the news that night, both Southern Cross and Win. Don't feel bad if you didn't see them, you probably just blinked at the wrong time.

They also made it into the paper. Joe and Parchie were in Sundays Examiner (I tried to stick the link up here but its not working, you can see it on Joes facebook page)

JJ and Benny were in todays paper. I can't get the link for that one either but I took a photo this morning:

I'm glad I took those photos because this afternoon while I was busy settling Sisi, who was having a mega tantrum, Benny decorated JJ's picture with texta. We will have to get another copy. 

If you feel like watching two minutes of family video, here is Job and JJ enjoying trout for dinner.

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