Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mario brothers eat your heart out!

A while ago I wrote a blog about my kids and their music

Here's what JJ has been up to since. Keep in mind when you watch it that this was not meant to be our finished video. He had only just played through the ending for the first time and we taped it just for fun. Job is also holding a very grumpy Sisi and trying to keep the camera still. I figure I might as well put it up as is, since I am already 5 blogs behind and I can't see Job having the time to record it for us for another couple of weeks.

Haha, I'm sure I made way more mistakes than JJ!

Will post Bennys song when I catch up on the other blogs :)


Maria said...

go JJ...gorgeous

The Kings said...

oh man Leona!!! He is AWESOME!!! I can't believe he is only 8 (or 9 now!?) and he can play like that already. My boys LOVED it!

Nettie's Blog said...

Wow not only a talented Maestro but also a newspaper star too....( i have the newspaper clipping for you Leonah) Great Job JJ (and Mum)

Family Taiz said...

Ally said, 'Mum, what's wrong with Aunty's piano'? lol. Get it together, sis!! JJ, you rock!!!

That is absolutely, AWESOME JJ!!

What's Ben doing in the background?